Windows Conker-NS12-246x246
Conker NS12 – 12″ Rugged Windows Tablet
Windows NS10-2020-246x246
Conker NS10 – 10″ Rugged Windows Tablet
Windows NS8-New-246x246
Conker NS8 – Rugged Windows Tablet
Windows Conker-NS6-246x246
Conker NS6 – 6″ Rugged Windows Handheld

The benefits of Conker Rugged Windows Tablets

  • Free up your budget and manage your finances effectively with Conker’s subsidised subscription plans on rugged Windows tablets.
  • All Windows devices are available with our Accidental Damage Warranty. We call it “Relax”.
  • Repairs are handled by our UK based service centre are turned around on average in just 2 days.
  • Enterprise Device Management software option to Lock Down and protect your assets.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, repurposing end-of-life devices for early years nurseries.
  • Accredited data-cleaning to ensure GDPR compliance and security.
Windows rugged-windows-tablet-range

Reliable and Durable Devices to Support Your Team in All Working Environments

Whether your company requires durable Windows tablets for stock control, data input, EPOS or waiting tables, Conker understands the need for a rugged solution is derived from the lack of reliability from alternatives. Which is why Conker’s industrial Windows tablets are purpose-built to to withstand the rigours of any working environment. From construction site to classroom, our consultants can find you the right rugged Windows tablets that are waterproof, dust proof and protected against impact and extreme temperatures.

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