BG2L Wearable Barcode Long Range

Wearable Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner


Improve your barcode scanning tasks with the Conker BG2L – Long Range 2D Scanner. This device changes barcode scanning hands free with a wearable, high-comfort breathable work glove. Integrated within the glove is an intuitive trigger button reachable by the thumb. Available Left/Right handed in three sizes.

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  • Long-range barcode scanner
  • Up to 15 hours battery life
  • NFC pairing. Bluetooth connection
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Shock proof industrial housing
  • Removable battery
  • 3 gloves styles, 3 sizes, left/right handed
  • 2 hour charge time
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10 mil barcode

Min: 10cm
Max: 60cm

40 mil barcode

Min: 7cm
Max: 275cm

100 mil barcode

Min: 15cm
Max: 7 metres

200 mil barcode

Min: 35cm
Max: 14.4 metres

When it comes to performance reliability and efficiency Conker Rugged Wearables will provide your enterprise the best type of support.

Conker’s rugged wearables offers the perfect solution for businesses that are looking to improve productivity and efficiency. Scanning has never been this easy and reliable as team members can now collect, store, and send data completely hands-free.

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"We are extremely happy with the CONKER wearables devices and would highly recommend CONKER to any company who asks."

- Miguel Sanchez-rios, IT Manager at Shamrock

CONKER Tablet | Bluetooth

Bluetooth HID with 30 metre range

CONKER | Lightweight

Approx 85 grams including glove

CONKER | Safe Temp

-5°C to 50°C operating temperature

CONKER | Protection

IP65 and 1.5 metre drop tested

CONKER I Excellent Battery Life

550mAh battery

CONKER | Scanner

Easy Data Collection With Zebra SE5500 Long Range barcode scanner

Free 1 year accidental damage warranty as standard.No quibble hassle-free service. Only from Conker.

No quibbles. No hassle. Just RELAX.

  • Accidental Damage Cover included as standard
  • Zero repair surcharges
  • FREE Collect & Return (UK)

Upgrade to 3 year Relax

  • Zero replacement surcharge
  • 3 day priority SLA
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Hassle Free Rugged Mobility by Conker. The only thing tougher than our devices is our warranty.

Our unrivalled industry leading 1 year Conker Relax warranty is included for free. Choose to extend your warranty to assure your assets.


Included for FREE

The UK’s most comprehensive standard product warranty.


  • 12 months of hassle-free cover
  • Free Collect & Return (in the UK)
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Zero Repair surcharges
  • 30% Replacement surcharge


Hassle Free Rugged Mobility

Low TCO assurance.
Our most popular option.


  • 36 months of hassle-free cover
  • Free Collect & Return (in the UK)
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Zero Repair surcharges
  • Zero Replacement surcharge
  • 3 day priority SLA

5 year warranty

Enterprise continuity

For businesses looking to assure their assets for 5 years

On request

  • Extend your warranty to 60 months
  • Bespoke options available
  • Enquire for pricing


Product Details

Transform logistics with the ease of a wearable barcode scanner. Industrial grade, power for the job and mounted on a washable all-day work glove.

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Standard Features | Conker BG2L

  • Utilises Zebra SE5500 2D scan engine
  • 30 days standby
  • 8.9 hours continuous scanning, 6400 scans, 5 secs per scan
  • IP65 and 1.5 metre drop tested
  • -5°C to 50°C operating temperature
  • Approx 85 grams including glove (45 grams net)
  • Bluetooth HID with 30 metre range


  • All-in-one charging dock: Charges 1x barcode scanner + 1x spare battery


  • Breathable work glove: Available in Small/Medium/Large and either Left/Right handed
  • 550mAh battery

Great Features

Bring your scanning game to another level with the Conker BG2L Rugged Wearable Barcode scanner. Scan, collect, send and store important data hands-free, making it possible for your employees to improve productivity and reduce errors.

BG2L is built to be a non-intrusive, performance-boosting device. It is not overly complicated as employees can easily trigger a scan button through the scanner or glove with one finger. It’s long range scanning capability allows your workers to scan barcodes that are harder to reach.

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John Smith

Long-lasting battery life

There can be no time for downtime again with the Conker BG2L Rugged Wearable Long Range Scanner. Teams enjoy up to 15 hours of battery life when used in a typical operations setting. Fully charge your battery in as little as 2 hours. The Conker BG2L ensures that your team will never have to worry about work interruptions again.

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CONKER | BG2 Wearable Barcode Scanner
Conker BG2L - Rugged Scanner

Simplify Work Tasks

Simplify your work faster than ever with Conker BG2L the range of input devices available including Bluetooth HID, SPP, BLE with 30M distance, NFC pairing, and even an optional RS232 cable. This means communication and connecting to other devices is so much easier and streamlined.

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Zebra SE5500 Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner

The BG2L is equipped with the top of the range Zebra SE5500 2D Barcode Scanner that is ideal for the ever evolving and demanding workflows.  As a result, you can expect impressive precision scanning performance that only this barcode scanner can produce.

The Conker BG2L is a perfect choice for industries that require consistent delivery of information from the floor to your business’ central system.

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Conker BG2L Scanner

Optional Accessories

Make processes even more streamlined with Conker’s range of optional accessories you can get along with the device. The Desk Dock Charger ensures that your BG2L is always ready at full battery capacity and ready to go. It can charge 1x scanner and a 1x spare battery.



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BG2L Desk Dock Charger
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