Barcoding is the most common way for businesses to track their inventory. It’s a quick and easy way to identify and manage items, which is why it’s a go-to for many warehouses. Across numerous industries, the most affordable method of tracing products is through barcoding. Learn How Barcoding Your Warehouse Improves Accuracy and Efficiency from this article. Barcodes offer automatic product identification, fast recognition, as well as, implementation of data. Moreover, even when application complexity varies, barcode labels are extremely affordable. In addition, barcodes are helpful in lowering costs of capital for carrying excess inventory since having the exact knowledge of what is in stock helps in excessive ordering.

Many companies are planning to upgrade their warehouse mobile devices because of the benefits. Furthermore, barcodes allow businesses to track the “who,” “what,” and “when” for any activities within the warehouse. As a result, it is not surprising that businesses with portable barcode scanners are enjoying the efficiency that barcoding brings.

However, these changes may not be common for other organizations. There are no improvements in efficiency, only accuracy because the employees have to get from one area to another to print barcodes. This is why companies should invest in a scanner that also has a printer, even if it’s more expensive. Furthermore, the company must be ready to implement barcoding to reap most of the benefits that barcoding brings.

How Barcoding Your Warehouse Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Barcoding

  1. Include your label manufacturer and vendors on the planning team. Your label manufacturers can help in the installation process. Furthermore, the vendors can also help ease the installation process by labelling the products beforehand, provided that they also have the technology.
  2. Choose which kind of barcode works the best for your facility. There are two kinds of barcodes, a 1D barcode (also known as linear barcodes) or a 2d barcode (e.g., QR codes). Moreover, the barcodes must be chosen and labelled according to the environment they’ll be in, like foot traffic, temperature, and how sturdy it should be.

The installation process can be a bit tiring, and it comes with its costs, but its overall benefits outweigh these costs.

Four reasons why barcoding is so helpful in increasing the company’s accuracy and efficiency

  1. Mistakes are less likely to pop up

Human errors can be detrimental to your business. Incorrect keying of documents, such as a receiving document, transfers, and cycle counts can lead to data entry error. In addition, there is a large possibility of items getting misplaced, and this could lead to multiple negative impacts. For example, making a mistake can affect your company’s reputation, or affect sales. On the contrary, barcode scanning is 99.9% accurate.

If barcoding is implemented in your warehouse, simple mistakes can be avoided altogether. With barcoding, you can save money, time, and energy.

2. It makes the employees’ work easier

In a warehouse that doesn’t implement barcoding, employees have to go to and fro. However, it’s much faster for employees to whip out their scanners with mobile barcoding devices and get to work immediately. Barcoding saves a lot of time and takes off a lot of weight from the workload.

3. Processes are much faster with barcoding

Learning how to use barcode devices is significantly lower since barcoding is such a simple tool. Generally, barcoding allows for the fastest way to speed up processes. Furthermore, scanning a barcode is instant and quick. Barcodes decrease the overall workload, which also decreases the time spent to finish said workload.

4. Accuracy = Efficiency

Barcodes are very helpful. They’re a great way to keep track of and manage a facility’s inventory. From the items’ shelf life to the inventory’s accuracy, even tracking key performance indicators, barcodes take off a lot of the work’s weight. Furthermore, barcodes can help improve your company’s performance.


Barcoding is one of the technologies needed to reduce costs and allow higher-order throughput. If your business goal is to reduce errors,  improve the efficiency of warehouse operations, and/or capture information faster, warehouse barcode scanners is a must use. Conker’s rugged devices are more than your typical robust mobile phone. The Conker rugged windows devices is an excellent example of a mobile phone with added 2D scanner.