Total Cost of Ownership is an estimate intended to help buyers determine the direct and indirect costs of a product over the duration of its serviceable lifetime. It’s a term that gets bounced around a lot with rugged tablets under the assumption that a product that breaks infrequently automatically has a lower TCO.

Of course there are a multitude of factors contributing to TCO, most of which are highly variable, but to assist in evaluating indirect costs we have put together the following Total Cost of Ownership Calculator.

We have based the figures on a 3 year expected service life as this is the most common expected service life for a business computer. Additionally there is independent industry data on failure rates for rugged and non-rugged devices over 3 years.

An indirect cost that is frequently forgotten is that when a device is being repaired, the days that it is out of service must be covered with a replacement device. Therefore the speed of service of your tablet manufacturer/reseller is of paramount importance over the long term.

Another hidden indirect cost is supplier bias for declaring devices beyond economical repair thus forcing a paid device replacement. This is exacerbated by warranty exclusions.

We have filled out some figures for you which you can edit and the table will update automatically. This page will be best viewed on desktops due to the amount of information and overall table width but it should still scroll on mobile.

Number of Devices

Based on 3 years expected service life


by Tablet Technologies

Rugged Competitor,
e.g Panasonic

Consumer Grade Device'
e.g. Ipad

Unit Purchase Price
Initial Captial Outlay
Number of Repairs
Total Repair Cost
Number of Replacements
Replacement Costs
Lost Working Days
Lost Working Days Downtime Cost
Total Device Out of Service Days
Cost to Cover with Spare Devices

Total Cost of Ownership

There are many hidden costs in total cost of ownership so naturally these calculations carry many assumptions. We have tried to be as realistic as possible. The factors we are confident about are:

  • Our preference for repair rather than write off.
  • Our turnaround times of a typical 2 days.
  • Our low parts costs.

The best way to mitigate unforeseen costs we recommend extending your warranty to include accidental damage cover.