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How do you work out the real cost of bringing rugged devices into your business?

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator tco

Conker has helped hundreds of companies build sound business cases by outlining the return they can deliver and assessing the true cost of owning rugged tablets and phones.

The assumption that a product that breaks infrequently has a lower TCO is not always correct. To help you calculate and compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your own business, we’ve built this handy calculator. Use it to determine the direct and indirect costs of a product over the duration of its serviceable lifetime. Here’s what it factors in:

  • Direct costs: Initial capital outlay, number of repairs and replacements, total repair cost
  • Indirect costs: lost time while devices are repaired, replacement device cover, supplier bias to replace devices early, speed of service
  • 3-year expected life service (the most common expected timeframe for a business computer
  • Independent industry data: failure rates for rugged and non-rugged devices over 3-years

More about this Total Cost of Ownership calculator and comparison tool

There are a multitude of factors which contribute to TCO, many of which can be highly variable. Our calculator aims to give you a clear start using some sound, research-based rationale.

We have pre populated some figures here. Update the calculator with your own figures and the TCO sums will update automatically.

This page is best viewed on desktops due to the amount of information it contains (but it does work on a mobile with some scrolling).

Conker’s approach to Total Cost of Ownership

There are many hidden costs to consider as part of the total cost of ownership so naturally our calculations carry many assumptions. We are very confident when it comes to:

  • Our recommendation to repair rather than write-off
  • Our 2-day turnaround time
  • Our low-cost parts.

How else can I mitigate unforeseen costs?

One of the safest ways to mitigate unforeseen costs which we recommend is to extend your warranty to include accidental damage cover.