Find Out Your Total Cost Of Ownership


There are many hidden costs in total cost of ownership so naturally these calculations carry many assumptions. We have tried to be as realistic as possible. The factors we are confident about are:

 1) Our preference for repair rather than write off.

2) Our turnaround times of a typical 2 days.

3) Our low parts costs.

The best way to mitigate unforeseen costs we recommend extending your warranty to include accidental damage cover.


Number of Devices

Based on 3 years expected service life


by Tablet Technologies

Rugged Competitor,
e.g Panasonic

Consumer Grade Device'
e.g. Ipad

Unit Purchase Price
Initial Captial Outlay
Number of Repairs
Total Repair Cost
Number of Replacements
Replacement Costs
Lost Working Days
Lost Working Days Downtime Cost
Total Device Out of Service Days
Cost to Cover with Spare Devices

Total Cost of Ownership