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The Business-Rugged Sweet Spot – Choosing fit-for-purpose, robust mobile devices and service models

Businesses of all sizes are assessing their enterprise mobility as they map their way to further digitisation. Mobility is integral to the modern organisation and enterprises are searching for ways to leverage computing on the go, to improve business process, boost productivity, empower employees and ultimately to reshape their business to compete in the digital economy.

The mobile devices you decide to specify and key to the success of your mobility strategy – but these decisions are not always as considered as they should be, and the wrong decisions can be very much to the detriment to the business operations that they are supposed to underpin.

Computing surveyed 150 business and technology decision makers in order to establish what they have to achieve from greater mobility, the devices they are using and the perception of these devices. The paper also discusses how businesses perceive recent developments in areas such as 5G and AI and concludes with a discussion on how devices that are properly fit-for-purpose can allow businesses to focus not on devices – but on wider business outcomes.

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