A rugged device is a piece of equipment that functions just like any mobile device – and better. It has several advanced features which make it an excellent choice for businesses that are constantly on the move or operate in harsh environments. Rugged devices are purpose-built to make work processes easier. By allowing staff real-time access to data, great connectivity options, and durability through robust build and design, operations become more efficient across a multitude of work roles and sectors. In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of rugged tablets for businesses.

Benefits of Rugged Tablets

Many businesses need quick and reliable data access. So it’s not surprising that rugged devices are rapidly growing in popularity. Companies know all too well that their mobile workforce need the same quick access to real-time data as their office-bound colleagues. This practice allows for seamless communication between departments and as a result, it provides faster delivery of products and services. 

Better Mobility and High Performance

Tablets have always been at the forefront of the marketplace when it comes to mobility. They play a huge role in allowing connectivity at all times. Many tablets have the same processing power as a regular personal computer or laptop – at a compact size, which makes them a very valuable tool. In Warehouse and Logistics, it is easier to manage huge inventories using these advanced tools. As a result rugged devices allow employees to work away from their desks and carry out data capture tasks anytime and anywhere.

Rugged Tablets Are Durable

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a rugged tablet is its durability. Rugged devices come with the best features that allow businesses to continue working even in rigorous environments, which makes them the perfect choice for most industrial workplaces. 

Businesses will benefit from using rugged tablets especially if their devices are regularly exposed to water, extreme temperatures or elevated areas (where there is risk of breakage due to dropping) will benefit from using rugged tablets. Most rugged devices are made with an IP rating of IP65 which means they are protected against water sprays and dust. 

In addition to durable hardware, rugged tablets are also made with an adaptive and tough internal system. This means businesses can benefit from device longevity as rugged tablets continue to perform effectively even past their lifespan. 

Affordable Total Ownership Cost

Making cost-effective decisions is a crucial part of any business. Rugged tablets are generally more expensive than your typical off-the-shelf devices. However, thanks to their unique features and functions, rugged devices can save businesses expenses over time. The most common costs that businesses can save on through using rugged devices include:

  • Support and Repair costs – Rugged devices suffer less damage, breakages, and other issues, this means device support and repair costs are minimized. 
  • Recurring costs –  The longevity of rugged devices means less is spent on replacing consumer devices that frequently break.

Indirect Cost – No loss of business due to downtime created by hardware failures.


Unique Usability Features

To meet various business needs, manufacturers like Conker designed rugged tablets with unique features not available in regular devices. Practicality and durability are typically the top two factors that manufacturers consider when building these rugged devices. Nevertheless, usability features are also extremely important to meet unique business needs. Features such as barcode scanning, fingerprint reading, and ergonomic straps and mounts prove advantageous for businesses compared to regular tablets.

Take the Conker SX80 for example, it is the ideal mobile device for business use. Its integrated barcode scanner and 64GB storage make it an excellent choice for data capture. 

Wireless Connectivity

The handheld and compact design of rugged tablets mean that users can connect wirelessly anywhere at any time. Real-time access to data on the go helps to reduce downtime for a number of industries including transport, construction, travel, hospitality, and public services.

Industries That Can Benefit From Rugged Tablets


Workers across a number of industries can benefit from using rugged devices.  For public services, being able to rely on responsive technology in outdoor conditions is crucial. Rugged tablets can operate even when exposed to extreme heat, cold weather, dust, dirt, and moisture. The Conker NS10, for example, provides excellent outdoor readability, seamless communication, and connectivity options, along with vehicle docking capabilities. 

Manufacturing companies can also benefit from using rugged devices. In factories or plants where temperatures can be hot or cold, and the risk of knocks and drops is high, using rugged devices allows for businesses to continue running diagnostics, managing inventory, and reporting. 

Similarly, companies in the Hospitality and Leisure industry can ensure that access to data is readily available anytime and anywhere – whether it’s outdoors in rainfall, at risk of being dropped from great heights, or in constant sunlight. 

Rugged tablets are designed to endure the harshest working environments.  They can even survive when constantly exposed to strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and dusty or wet conditions. As a result, businesses cannot underestimate the importance and benefits of rugged devices for businesses. One way for businesses to stay competitive is to consider mobility. As a result, workers should have the ability to access data remotely at any point. 

Rugged devices allow companies to stay connected and access data anytime, anywhere – regardless of the working environment. Check out the best Android or Windows Rugged tablets for your company today. 

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About Conker

Founded in 2008, Conker is a British producer of business-rugged tablets, touch screens, and mobile devices, providing durable and reliable systems for successful digital transformation.

The firm’s consultative approach delivers fit-for-purpose solutions that improve productivity and streamline business processes, supported by its easy-to-work-with UK-based service team. Customers include Eastern Forklift Trucks Limited and the food waste company, Winnow Solutions. Conker has a partnership with Fusion UEM by VXL and intends to expand its technology partnerships.

Led by founder and CEO, James Summers, Conker’s collaborative approach now empowers mobile workers to measurably improve productivity and make their lives easier by automating the mundane and streamlining business processes.

The business has received recognition within The Financial Times’ FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies (2018) and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 (2017). The company legally trades as Tablet Technologies Ltd. For more information visit: https://www.weareconker.com