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How The Right Technology Can Improve Productivity

Rugged devices are one of the key solution to help businesses improve productivity. Recently, World Productivity Day was celebrated, we took a look at how rugged technology like tough Android have changed numerous business landscapes.

As more businesses are now shifting towards using cloud applications, there is a constant question of whether commercial smartphones or tablets will suffice. Unfortunately, many businesses have also discovered that this is not always the best option. More businesses are not shifting their focus to using tough Android, as these are not only reliable but also built to last.

The mobile devices you select, whether they are tough or consumer, will have a huge impact on your return of investment (ROI). One way to look at it is to understand how rugged devices can help improve productivity. Using rugged Android devices helps ensure that your business operates even when faced with the most demanding situations or environments.

What Exactly does “Productive” Mean?

One of the terms that is used to encourage people in today’s culture is “improve productivity”. Every single person is obligated to keep up a high level of production, finish a significant quantity of work, and generate as much as they are capable of doing so. As a direct result, firms put in significant effort to guarantee that their internal processes are truly as productive as they are capable of being.

Exactly what does it mean to be productive? According to Merriam-Webster, the word “productivity” comes from the root word “produce,” which implies to generate something in great amounts. Productivity refers to the rate at which this something is generated. It is to achieve success as a result of the development of the business as well as the degree of effort and performance offered by employees working in the organisation.

Productivity is one of the most essential factors that goes into establishing whether or not an organisation is profitable. Many companies have set their sights on raising their total productivity while simultaneously enhancing it in all aspects of their operations.

Additionally, as a result of the steep increase in the rate of inflation in the UK, it is now more necessary than it has ever been before for a business to function at the maximum possible level of productivity. If you are interested in learning more about the most efficient methods to boost business efficiency in spite of inflation, you can learn more about them by reading more about this topic here.

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How technology is key to improve productivity

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, technical progress has emerged as one of the fundamental requirements of modern society. People from all over the world were able to socialise, shop, and conduct business because of the proliferation of online platforms. As a result of the new constraints, a significant number of businesses have migrated their activities to digital platforms in order to continue functioning normally within the new context.

Given that we are currently in the year 2022, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that a company’s technology infrastructure is one of the most important components of the business. It is not sufficient for your company to just own technology in order to improve productivity and efficiency; rather, you must choose the right technology to put into action in order for your business to realise these benefits.

For instance, a company needs to allow employees to exchange information in the most efficient way possible, and as fast as they can. One of these is ensuring that staff members have access to the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is the network of things that are capable of communicating with one another over the Internet or other forms of communication.

Information is extremely valuable, and in order for a business to be much more productive, it is crucial for employees to have quick and easy access to the information they need. No matter how far distant people are from one another, it is important for them to be able to communicate despite their distance.

One of the many advantages of having the right technology is the ability to provide better service to your clients. This is only one of the numerous advantages. Immediate communication has become the norm in today’s global community as a direct result of the steady march of technological advancement.

The ability to provide quick and quality customer service is one of the greatest ways to keep them as loyal patrons. If your employees have access to the proper technologies, they won’t have to spend as much time looking for ways to keep up with a consumer’s needs and preferences.

The right technology helps improve productivity for your business

When attempting to integrate newly developed technology into an existing system, one encounters a great deal of resistance and challenges. Nevertheless, sticking to an outdated procedure (or continuing to use an outdated piece of technology) can create more issues than it resolves. It is crucial for a company’s success that it has the ability to quickly adapt to the changing preferences and requirements of the local population.

Outdated technology can lead to a myriad of issues for businesses and their employees. Gaining access to data and information can be a long and arduous process. Going from one place to another to find or provide the right information is taxing for many employees.

In addition, an outdated system not only makes it more challenging to get data and information, but it also makes the process slower. It’s possible that this will result in frustration and stress on employees, which has been shown to have a negative impact on productivity. Not to mention that outdated technology is also quite susceptible to hacking and data breaches, which is dangerous if it contains confidential information.

However, businesses with such demanding environments can make finding the right technology a difficult process. Heat and moisture present consistent difficulties for companies engaged in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Those who work in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries value mobility greatly; yet, their devices are routinely subjected to drops, shocks, and vibrations as well.

Bring-Your-Own-Devices, more commonly referred to as BYOD, is the most popular choice for digital transformation. As a result, businesses usually have to deal with the failure, repair, and maintenance of the personal devices that are owned by their employees.

It’s possible that the frequency with which these kinds of issues occur may dissuade many organisations from shifting to digital operations. When you use equipment that is readily available on the commercial market, you will typically end up with a higher “total cost of ownership” (TCO). This will also mean you will be unable to achieve an improve productivity for your business.

Regardless of the circumstances, businesses do not have any reason to be concerned about the shift to digital if they choose the right technology. In fact, if you have access to the necessary technology, you will be able to raise both the quantity of your output and the effectiveness of your operations at the same time.

rugged android for improve productivity

What Kind of Technology is Going to Work Best for my Business? How do I Find the Right Technology?

An example of the right technology would be a device that is well suited for usage in the workplace and that is easy to incorporate into the structures that are already in place.

It is one that boosts productivity in some way, be it by reducing the complexity of processes or making heavy tasks so much easier to carry out. One that boosts productivity by streamlining processes or making tasks easier to deal with. While many might think that such a device is like an over-the-top, perfect device, it doesn’t have to be.

In order to choose the most suitable device for your team, it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive or most well-liked smartphone or tablet that is currently available on the market.

The piece of equipment that is best for you is the one that easily fits into your budget and does not call for a sizable upfront commitment in terms of expenses that will be needed for its long-term maintenance and repairs. It is one that survives for a substantial amount of time despite the possible demanding environments that the device may face,

The question now is, what kind of device most closely corresponds to the long list requirements? Well, these are known as rugged devices.

What Exactly are"Rugged Devices"?

The term “rugged” refers to devices that are built with the goal of being able to survive and function normally in extreme conditions that most consumer electronics are unable to bear.

For example, workers who are required to go out into the field must be able to adjust to a wide variety of different environments. These may be employees in the last-mile delivery or supply chain sector.

Such employees may face a number of different factors, including the extreme heat of the sun, the precipitation (rain or snow), or even the vibrations of the vehicle they are riding in. The devices that such workers need should be built to withstand harsh conditions and work well in each of these settings. As a result, these devices will ultimately help improve productivity.

In addition, you may find these rugged devices in a huge variety of different shapes, sizes, and functions. To further help improve productivity, you can also get these devices in a range of sizes, from handhelds and tablets to wearables.

No matter the environment they are in or put under, they are built to work as smoothly as possible to assist your team in the workplace. Hassle-free and able to withstand the weather or other conditions that they may face.

Therefore, rugged electronics are the best choice for a wide variety of applications across the board and in every region of the world! At CONKER, we provide a broad selection of tough and truly rugged devices that are intended to be of assistance to forces that are engaged in the performance of their duties in challenging working situations.

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