Get to know the: ST50

And break your Repair & Replace Cycle!

We began to develop the ST50, an IP67 rated, 5.5 inch Android smartphone early last year in response to the growing need for a business smartphone that could carry out everyday work tasks and processes, whilst surviving tough work environments. These environments include dusty settings, extremely hot/cold temperatures, damp, wet and humidity, along with the greater risk of an accidental drop – any of which prove detrimental to such a device and its productivity.

Frustratingly, Conker continued to see dedicated teams, who were using consumer smartphones as work smartphones left unable to complete tasks on time and to their best abilities because time and time again these consumer smartphones were failing.

And when a consumer smartphone becomes waterlogged, is dropped or blocked with dust  (because it is not ingress protected), what are the options when there are deadlines to be met?

  1. Send the consumer smartphones to be repaired, the result of which = dowtime whilst you wait.
  2. Buy replacement consumer smartphones, the result of which = substantial capital wasted.

Both were wasting valuable budget. Neither were a solution to the fragile consumer phones breaking. 

Which is why Conker produced the business rugged smartphone. We ensured it was IP67 rated to minimise any breakages and subsequently save you valuable money and promote uptime. But we also included features such as an Octa-core processor, 16MP camera, a 4,000mAh user-swappable battery with Quick-charge 3.0 and Dual-SIM capabilities.

Why? Because we know your team need a powerful CPU in order to run multiple apps smoothly without lag. We know that your team will need a good quality camera to capture the image you need to send back to the office. We know that your team will need a dependable battery, that you can rely for the full work day, and if you need more, it can charge quickly. Plus we know that it is handy to have the option to switch between SIMs, whether it be personal or business.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what vehicle rental firm, Days Rental had to say:

“The ST50 presents a solution to certain parts of the market for a reliable and effective Smartphone, running a highly dependable Android platform coupled with its ruggedness and durability, this is certainly giving the larger Tablets a run for the money.

The ST50 is a nice little device, with good battery life and versatile for how we would use it. The camera is good and takes a nice shot even in dusk and darkening conditions with the flash. The responsiveness of the screen is good and precise. The 3rd Party app that we use, being an electronic vehicle health check is quick and cycles through the pages well. Also, it is not too heavy and conveniently fits into most pockets and does not feel bulky.”

– Andy Cooke, Account Manager, Days Rental


The ST50 can host a range of software, it can be paired with three of our RAM Mount solutions and has various warranty cover to choose from. Plus, if you’d like to pay for your devices in installments, Conker subscription allows you to do so. You can download the ST50 DATA SHEET here.