Technology so Important in Boosting Productivity

Technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing our productivity levels, and many businesses have seen notable increases in their revenue thanks to today’s innovations. Technological advancements have benefited a whole range of organizations, from a majority of sectors, to more productive. Chatbots are playing an instrumental role in improving customer service; workers are enabled to achieve more outside of the office; there is a reduced emphasis on 9-5 working and time-tracking all thanks to improvements in software.

Developments in outsourcing tools like Dribbble and Upwork are enabling companies to gain access to additional expertise within moments. It’s also possible to make our marketing and advertising efforts far more focused, with networking services giving us valuable lead generation opportunities, without a business card insight.

Vast improvements in productivity

In a survey carried out by AIM, 62% of employers asked said that technology had enabled them to “produce more goods or provide more services than a decade ago with the same or fewer employees”. Of the companies that could quantify the gains that had been made, many said their productivity had been boosted by between 10 and 25%. One manufacturer said it had become twice as productive without taking on extra staff, with a not-for-profit company saying its productivity rates had trebled.

The importance of data access

One of the biggest ways technology is helping businesses to become more productive is by providing them with more data. This data allows companies to get a greater insight into performance, target customers, and access information within just moments.

Swift access to key information is also improving job satisfaction rates and reducing employee frustration, allowing companies to retain their best staff. It also enables many staff to carry out their duties to a high standard even when they are out of the office and aids collaboration between employees, boosting customer service standards and allowing businesses to make better, more informed decisions.

Data analytics and access are helping with gap analysis, bridging the areas of poorer productivity, and that technology can be readily available to every member of the organization. When it comes to auditing performance and results, it’s undeniable that today’s technology is second to none in providing us with the tools to boost individual, or whole, productivity levels.

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