Technology Benefits the EYFS

Accidents are not uncommon in the classroom, especially in the primary sector where spills and mishaps are well monitored but not unavoidable. Technology is becoming increasingly prominent in the classroom, and items such as tablets are reshaping the way young people learn and interact with the world around them. Modern technology enables us to access important facts and figures within a moment and also allows teachers and tutors to organize their workloads.

One of the reasons why technology benefits the primary sector is that students are now able to upload their work onto systems rather than handing in physical copies. Technology is playing a vital role in learning, even in primary school – there is evidence to prove that high digital users are performing better in naming, semantic, visual memory and logical reasoning tasks.

A positive

A study from the IT Trade Association CompTIA found that 75% of professionals working in education said technology had a positive impact on learning. Teachers and tutors also acknowledge that helping students get to grips with technology at an early age enables them to gain skills that they can develop and utilize in later life.

Making learning fun

It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the impact technology has had on learning. Those that have not entered a classroom for several years may well be taken aback to see just how many changes have been brought about by modern technology. Items such as smart boards, digital cameras, and laptops have arguably made the learning process more exciting and compelling.

Technology can transform lessons and lectures that may have previously been deemed drab and uninspiring into highly enjoyable and interactive experiences. Rather than simply being fed information, the students of today can partake in highly absorbing lessons.

Vital life skills

The study also found that around 90% of students said the use of technology during lessons would help them prepare for the future. Today, most jobs involve modern technology, so it’s incredibly important that students know their way around it – starting early, at nursery, could be a determining factor. Some students are now more adept at using technology than their parents. Another critical benefit of modern technology in educational settings is that it enables students to learn at their own pace rather than being left behind.

Apps make it possible for students to experiment with technology in their own time, and for their teachers to work with them on a one-to-one basis when they do appear to be struggling. Even when students are outside of school, they continue to make use of technology in their free time and learn more about it how it works as well as its benefits.

Conker recognized that whilst having such mobile technology in the classroom can be hugely beneficial for learning and development, when they break or fail (which they do – it is a classroom after all), the learning is put on hold. This is why our Business Rugged tablets are becoming popular in the Education sector.

Hardwearing tech for classrooms

At Conker, we specialize in designing and building rugged technology for environments where highly durable solutions are required, including classrooms. We developed our first tablet two years before the launch of the iPad and were named one of Europe’s fastest-growing businesses by Deloitte and the Financial Times. If you’re looking for bespoke tech solutions tailored directly towards your needs contact us today, we’d be happy to receive your call.