How Retailers Can Improve Safety

How Retailers Can Improve Safety Through Rugged Technology

How Retailers Can Improve Safety

The COVID19 Pandemic has continued to prove to be devastating not only to health but also to businesses.  Across the globe, governments have forced the closure of businesses, schools, and other areas. All of these changes are to discourage the movement of people. During these lockdowns, companies offering non-essential products and services cease operations. In the meantime, crucial sectors like retail, health, and similar industries remain in operation. Amongst these companies, rugged technology has played an important role in making operations easier.

The retail sector, for example, plays a crucial role in ensuring people have access to food and other needs. During long lockdowns, supermarkets remain to be an “essential” business. As they are some of the only open stores, most have adapted practices that will keep everyone safe.

How the Retail Sector Stepped Up

Some of the largest retail stores across the world have adapted additional safety measures. Including adding barrier screens, ensuring social distancing, and consistent disinfection. In March 2020, the human rights think tank, The Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB), sent an open appeal to the organization of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. The letter requested greater protection for supermarket employees considered to be COVID19 frontliners.

Along with the safety of employees, supermarkets are also concerned with the safety of the consumers. Numerous articles are available, advising buyers to protect themselves better when shopping at stores like Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s.

One of the ways to improve safety and customer experience is to use unique solutions. As a result, enabling mobile technology and connectivity is a crucial step to consider for businesses.

Rugged Technology for Retail

Advantages of using mobile technology for retail – one device solution

Even before the COVID 19 pandemic, retail stores have been taking advantage of the benefits of using unique solutions through mobile technology and connectivity. After all, retailers know that allowing their employees to stay connected means better customer service.

To achieve this change, retailers should look into using the right devices. Conker NS8 – Rugged Windows Tablet and Conker SX5L Rugged Android Handheld, for example, are some of the best options that retail stores can consider. These devices easily stand up against the demands of a mobile workplace – especially in a time of a worldwide pandemic.

These devices deliver all the tools that retailers need such as high functionality, sleek design, and durability.

  • Lasting Investment – A regular consumer-grade device may be less expensive initially. However, in a retail setting, these devices may go through tough usage. Rugged technology can last for years even when exposed to intense use.
  • Reduce complexity – As these devices use an Android or Windows operating system, retail employees won’t have a hard time using the device. They can easily download apps to meet back-of-store tasks to front-of-store activities.
  • Functional Add-ons – Conker’s rugged devices also have useful add-ons such as a barcode scanner. These additional features are indispensable in any stock room or retail floor setting. It provides ease of use for inventory management and will allow retail workers to focus more on services that provide value.

Understanding how the delivery of services will change during this COVID19 pandemic is crucial for any retail store. Deploying the use of a rugged mobile solution can increase safety for employees and buyers at the same time.

Why Choose Rugged Devices For Your Business?

Using rugged devices in the workplace has a range of advantages. Understanding the benefits of using rugged devices can help owners create better business decisions. To help you refocus your business operations, we have put together this short brief on why you should go rugged.

Rugged devices explained

Rugged devices are tablets, mobile phones, or even computers that can operate even when exposed to extreme conditions. Exposures to extreme environments can happen multiple times in a day depending on which industry is using it. For example, rugged technology used in the mining industry or in the construction sector.

These devices are specifically made to withstand extreme heat, cold, drops, and more. Most rugged devices are made to meet at least an IP68 rating. An IP rating is an international standard that is used to define the levels of sealing effectiveness. 

retail store

Rugged devices are the right tool for the job

Even in a regular workplace where computing and automation are part of the operation, rugged devices can be extremely useful. For example, in the warehouse or retail industry where tracking of goods is necessary, smartphones or tablets may be dropped more often.

In the education sector, rugged devices can significantly reduce downtime. That is because even with consistent use by learners or teachers, these tools will continue to work. Rugged devices can be built according to preference, such as you can choose to use an operating system to use.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Using rugged devices in business means a reduced total cost of ownership. Lower Total Cost of Ownership allows businesses to save a substantial amount of money. Most of the time, buying decisions are based solely on the purchase price of a product. However, in reality, purchasing products do not reflect the entire expenses that a product may incur – especially if it requires maintenance and repair.

Using rugged devices means your company will save thousands as repair and maintenance are kept to a minimum. It also means work stay uninterrupted because there is less downtime. Total Cost of Ownership means you will be able to save in the long run even if you have a higher initial investment.

Smart technology

As businesses are now relying on computing software, it is important to integrate smart technology into your operations. Mobile devices have changed the way companies deliver products and services. Today, it is easy for warehouse and logistics managers if there are sufficient stocks. The delivery sector also relies on devices to see if goods customers receive their products on time.

Rugged devices bring smart technology right into the heart of a business operation. Digital transformation is easier with these tools because you can rely on its robustness both internally and externally.

Conker’s rugged devices have been made to last and provide support like any other. The company’s lineup of smart devices runs in either Android or Windows OS which makes it easy to use. If high performance, reliability, user-friendliness, and strong hardware – this maker should be on top of your list. Make sure to check out Conker’s line-up of devices through its website