Conker NS6 - Your Rugged Device Choice in 2021

The introduction of rugged devices in the market started at a slow pace. Initially, rugged devices did not match the performance of a typical consumer phone. However, in the past few years, the new rugged devices have already caught up or even exceeded the performance of regular smart devices with their unique features.

Manufacturers of rugged devices such as Conker always find ways to innovate and add more useful features. The Conker NS60 is one of their most sought-after rugged windows devices. It comes with a full Windows 10 operating system on a 6-inch screen.

In this article, we take a look at this tiny but powerful technology that is set to captivate the heart of any operations.

Conker NS6

What is a rugged device?

Rugged devices are designed to be used and operated in harsh conditions and environments. Areas that experience extreme temperatures, strong vibrations and dusty or wet conditions. The construction of rugged devices is specifically made to withstand shock and vibration. It can also withstand falls from a certain height, abrasion, corrosion and other abuses.

Thanks to the reliable strength of a rugged device's hardware, it is the perfect choice for companies that operate in a harsh environment. Mining, construction, manufacturing, warehousing and delivery, facility management, and more are the perfect example of these industries. Nevertheless, many other sectors have also seen the value of using a rugged device in their operations. For example, healthcare, retail, and education are now understanding that rugged devices will help reduce expenses and allow for a digital transformation.

Leading the way in digital transformation

Conker is a UK based supplier of reliable rugged devices such as barcode scanners, PDAs, smartphones and tablets. Conker offers only the most reliable devices that help businesses save on their operating costs. Furthermore, the company aims to help businesses boost their productivity and work efficiency. Conker offer a wide range of rugged devices that come available on both Android and Windows. 

With over 10 years of experience, Conker has served over a thousand business customers. The team have been dedicated to providing the best support and services. Conker's commitment to help companies achieve digital transformation meant that it worked hand-in-hand with companies to deliver the exact product that they needed.

Conker NS6 and NS6 Pay is an examples of a product built to provide companies with reliable rugged technology.


The Conker NS6 and NS6 Pay

The Conker NS6 from Conker can be considered to be the most compact rugged tablet in the market today. Compared to a regular commercial mobile phone, NS6 is bigger. Still, it is a rather small handheld compared to a regular tablet with a size of 7.3 x 3.7 inches. NS6 boasts a 6.0-inch display and a 1280 x 720 resolution. As a result, you can expect 245 pixels per inch - an excellent score in the retina category. Additionally, it comes with capacitive multi-touch. That means, employees to still use the product even when using gloves that aren't too thick. Finally, it comes with an IPS display of 430 nits and is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Conker NS6 Runs On Full Windows 10

Probably one of the best reasons why you should consider this product is its full version of the Windows 10. The Conker NS6 is clearly a handheld device. Nevertheless, the full Windows 10 capacity opens up doors of possibility for your business. That means you can expect an entire personal computer right in your pocket. Furthermore, it also means you do not have to worry about Windows updating the Windows 10 mobile. Lastly, the full version of Windows 10 means you can download apps and programs that you need for your day-to-day operations.

Savage on the outside, how about the inside?

Conker NS6 is an extremely powerful version of the earlier rugged devices by giants such as Zebra and Panasonic. Conker made sure that every part of the NS6 delivers value to the end-user. As a result, when it comes to performance you can expect everything that your PC can do. In a test by Rugged PC Reviews, Conrad H. Blickenstorfer shared that Conker NS6 holds up to its promise even versus bigger commercial devices.

Optional 2D Scanner

Teams have the option to add an optional 2D scanner. This is perfect for companies that require massive but quick data collection. As a result, you never have to worry about missing out on important inventory information. Most generic barcode scanning apps in the market today are unreliable. Conker NS6 reduces risk and provides the best solution for your operations.

Optional Conker NS6 Pay

The NS6 Pay is a slightly different version of the regular NS6. This version allows companies to support tap and pay option. As a result, retail establishments and healthcare systems will benefit greatly with this new feature as it means use the device to reduce extended face-to-face transactions.

Conker NS6 Pay

Conker NS6 for Transportation and Logistics Business

Rugged devices have become an indispensable tool in many industrial sectors. The transportation and logistics industry, for example, has already seen the benefit of using rugged devices. Moreover, workers in this sector understand the value of using a rugged device to seamlessly do their operations.

Changing the Transportation and Logistics Operations

There are a lot of ways Conker NS6 can be beneficial for the transportation and logistics sector. From the executives to the workers who deliver parcels door-to-door, rugged devices allow quick update of information.

Connectivity is the heart of many transportation and logistics operations. Regardless if you are in the warehouse checking inventory or delivering the products to retailers, it is important to have fast data access. This ensures that real-time updates and staff management are all in place.

The beauty of rugged devices is that it is made to last even for the most challenging tasks. This means overtime, your company can save money - while making sure that operations is at its best.


Warehouses and inventory monitoring play an integral part in transportation and logistics. However, in the warehouse, there can be multiple problems that workers have to work on a daily basis.

  • Receiving products - When receiving products workers may be faced with damages, shortages and discrepancies. Without a tool to consistently update inventory, it will be very difficult to keep up with customer demand. Rugged tablets can streamline operations with special apps and communication tools.
  • Inventory Management - Rugged devices such as the Conker SX80 come with additional features such as a barcode scanner which helps improve accuracy in receiving items and managing inventory. Workers can now easily fulfill orders, replenish stocks and track the rest of the inventory efficiently. Rugged tablets ensure that everyone from the management down to the customer can get accurate information at all times.  
  • Packing Solutions - It is easy to see why packaging can be one of the most tedious jobs in the warehouse. Incorrect labeling and packaging can earn the ire of a dissatisfied customer. Rugged devices can help improve packaging accuracy. This means your workers will be more productive and faced with fewer errors.
  • Shipping - A common issue when it comes to shipping is loading the products to incorrect transport. With a built-in scanner, it is easier for workers to monitor if the packages are going to the right trucks or delivery services.

Fleet Management and Delivery

Conker NS6 helps ensure that every part of the parcel's journey is monitored.

  • Courier or Postal - One common logistical challenge is shipping products via a courier. However, many companies understand that this is a critical part to deliver parcels on time. Rugged devices ensure that it is easier to trace all your packages in real-time. It helps ensure that packages are delivered on time even during busy seasons such as holidays.
  • Proof of Delivery or Pickup - Rugged devices can also double as a signature panel. This powerful feature can instantly update your system so you can see if the parcels are delivered and received just right. Additionally, these tools also help validate the condition of the packages.
  • Managing your drivers - With the help of rugged devices, you can ensure route optimization, compliance and maintenance of your entire fleet. It is also a great way to provide continuous communication with your fleet drivers. Rugged devices are built to withstand difficult road conditions so you have peace of mind at all times.

Fleet Safety and Compliance

Rugged devices ensure that you can monitor every part of your operations. Fleet safety and compliance are important because it keeps workers safe. In addition, it is easier to see if your trucks are road-worthy minimizing risk.

Yard and Terminal Management

Any transportation and logistics operations understand the importance of keeping a secure yard and terminal operations. Rugged devices help ensure that all workflows and visibility of assets is streamlined. Furthermore, these tools help minimize wait times in yards and terminals, effectively reducing wait times.

Facility Management and Security

Monitoring all your assets 24/7 is easier with the help of rugged devices. With barcode scanners and RFID badges, you can monitor which workers and visitors are inside your facility.

Conker NS6 Streamlines Operations

With all the benefits above, it is easy to understand how rugged devices like Conker NS6 can help streamline logistics and transportation operations. This sector can benefit from rugged tablets or phones by ensuring seamless connectivity and communication for every part of the process.