10 Tips To Boost Productivity

10 Tips To Boost Productivity While Working At Home

10 Tips To Boost Productivity

Trying to stay focused when working from home is not always easy so we have put together tips to boost productivity while you are growing your business at home. It can extra be challenging when everyone else is at home due to the COVID19 quarantine. When working from your home it is easy to find distractions everywhere. Usual complaints are noisy family members and the lure of the bed for another nap. When doing work at home, it is common to see yourself on the couch more often than finishing off an important report.

According to a report by The Guardian in March 2020, “the COVID19 Pandemic could cause companies to permanently shift to working at home.” However, the sudden transition to working at home is presenting numerous problems for some companies. Some businesses that have never tried this set-up before are finding themselves having difficulties in keeping up with the work.

Start Your Day Early

When you work in an office, your daily morning commute can help keep you awake and ready for what the day has to bring. This drastically changes a work-at-home set-up. Moving from your pillow to your computer can be pretty hard.

The best way to become productive is to check your to-do list right after you wake up. You can pretend that you are going into the office by waking up early, wearing nice clothes, and diving into small projects to start your morning.


How to be productive at home Tips To Boost Productivity

Choose the Best Area to Work in.

Working at home has numerous benefits, but it is not always for everyone. Work in an area that is quiet, comfortable(but not too comfortable), well lit, and where you can be creative, this will help boost your productivity. A dedicated workspace is recommended that is separate from other areas of your home, as it will be a place where you can focus, and at the end of the day you can shut the door, this is critical as you need to separate your home and work life.

Plan Your Day

Working at home means you will be your own manager, time management is crucial to effectively manage your workday. Therefore, you need to schedule your day in a way that you will be as productive as possible. Stay on schedule and segment the different parts of the day, so that you’ll know what to do. Use tools like Google Calendar, and Toggl to track and see how effective you managing your day-to-day progress.

Make Sure Your Internet Is Ready

Choosing the correct Internet provider and package is crucial for those who will be working at home. So make sure your internet service can handle the demand that you need for your workflows. Consider things like transferring large files, online meetings, and day-to-day communication and collaboration.


Make sure you have connection

Use A Collaboration Tool

There are dozens of collaboration tools available. Consider services like Slack, Workplace from Facebook, and Office 365. These tools make it easier to communicate and work on projects together. It also makes it very easy to get input from your co-workers and more. 

Set Realistic Goals

Collaborate with your teammates and manager to set and prioritize important tasks. Never underestimate the time that will take to finish a task. The best way to keep yourself and your teammates moving is to set daily and weekly goals.


Set goals to be productive at home Tips To Boost Productivity

Remove Distractions

Consider removing distractions like the TV, social media, or even household chores. All of these activities can be done after you log off from work.

Never Forget Breaks

When working at home, it is easy to lose time when you are busy with deadlines. Make sure you schedule a time for your snacks, lunch, and breaks. Avoid using breaks to open a Youtube Video or check social media. Instead, get away from your desk to do some other activity.  

Set Boundaries

Make sure to set boundaries around your designated work area with your family members. Let them know that your space is off-limits so that they will also remember not to disturb you.

Pick A Regular Finishing Time

Many workers think that working at home provides more work-life family balance. However, this can easily become difficult to achieve if you have numerous deadlines at hand. So make sure to set a finishing time every day. This will help you manage your time better and become productive as a result.