Streamlining Warehousing: How Modern Barcode Scanning Drives Efficiency

We're thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar with Stok.ly exploring how modern barcode scanning solutions can drive warehousing efficiency!Join us to:
  • Mitigate Human Error in your Warehouse
  • Improve Picking Times
  • Increase Order Accuracy

Date: 20 October 2023 12:00 - 12:30 BST

Register for our exclusive free webinar to explore how the latest handheld and wearable barcode scanners can optimise your warehouse’s operations. Learn from real-world examples and discover how modern scanning solutions can boost productivity, reduce errors, enhance mobility, and future-proof your warehouse.

Reserve your spot at this insightful live session today!


  1. The Cost of Manual Paper-Based Processes
  2. The Next Level: Wearables & Scanners
  3. End-to-End Warehousing Efficiency


James Summers

James Summers

Founder and CEO at Conker

James is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of building boot-strapped companies. Passionate about the entrepreneur community James took on the challenge to launch the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in London. Helping out globally as a coach and always interested to hear about small businesses and growth opportunities. 

Iain Coplans

Iain Coplans

Co-Founder and CEO at Stok.ly

Iain applies his 20 plus years in eCommerce, Retail and Warehousing to help guide the development and direction of Stok.ly and develop the passionate and talented Stok.ly team.

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Stok.ly provides Retailers & Wholesalers with a seamless, user friendly approach to multichannel B2C & B2B sales, real time multi-channel and multi-location inventory management, warehouse management, multi-currency sales & purchasing and Pick, Pack & Dispatch delivered via the cloud, for unlimited users, on any device.

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