Having total control internally over your Soften Budget Uncertainty and forecasts is great, but when certain external factors arise that affect your business, it is vital to have contingencies set in place.

Political unrest, economic uncertainty, social change – all of these external pressures can have an effect on your business, and sometimes a negative one. The result of which is stagnancy in purchasing, procurement, and productivity.

Undoubtedly it is unfortunate that we cannot predict these external forces, especially those that can have detrimental effects on business, but we can plan.

Whether your budget has been put on hold, reduced, or you are just feeling unsure about your budget and how to spend it, Conker offers some tips that can help to ensure productivity is maintained, particularly if your company uses mobile technology in day-to-day business activities.

Better Technology = Greater Productivity

In a survey carried out by AIM, 62% of employers asked said that technology had enabled them to “produce more goods or provide more services than a decade ago with the same or fewer employees”. Of the companies that could quantify the gains that had been made, many said their productivity had been boosted by between 10 and 25%. One manufacturer said it had become twice as productive without taking on extra staff, with a not-for-profit company saying its productivity rates had trebled.

Imagine the positive ROI and level of outcome these companies were able to reap as a result of the right technology.

What is “Better Technology”

Simply put, it is a technology that is fit for purpose. At Conker, we encounter too many instances where companies have mismatched technology; the wrong technology for the job. Whether that includes too fragile, too robust (not every company requires military-grade), too simple of a spec, or even too sophisticated of a spec, we witnessed this all too many times.

Conker uses a specialist consultative approach to investigate the end-users exact requirements, find out the working environment, what the technology might be used for, and most importantly, what success looks like for the company. This process helps us match our customers with the best, fit-for-purpose Business Rugged tablets, touch screens, and mobile devices. “Better” than fragile consumer, or ‘over specified’ Military-grade hardware as we ensure reliability, durability, and of course the right fit for the right job.

How Does This Help My Soften Budget Uncertainty?

We understand that budgets can be tight and that there may be a level of uncertainty when it comes to spending for some companies. This is why we have introduced a non-traditional payment method for our Business Rugged tablets and mobile devices so that productivity does not have to be compromised.

Subsidized and split over the course of the agreement, Conker’s subscription plans allow companies to pay for their rugged mobile devices quarterly, easing up budget pressures.

What’s more is that by choosing this option you will be given new technology every three years, and will be contributing to the Circular Economy – your used devices will be given a Second Life by helping Schools and Nurseries in the Early Years Foundations Stages with interactive learning and observational management.

No tablets ending up in landfills here.

If you’re interested in improving levels of productivity within your company and think our subscription plan could help, give us a call at +44 (0)1279295 800, or you could Get a Quote here.

Unsure of the real cost of bringing rugged devices into your business?