Shamrock Foods

A privately held, family-owned and -operated Forbes 500 company, Shamrock is an innovator in the food industry and has been since its founding in Arizona in 1922.

Shamrock specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality food and food-related products through a family of companies, including Shamrock Foods foodservice distribution and Shamrock Farms dairy manufacturing, among others.

Working With Conker

“We trialed the rugged wearables BG2 and WC4 as a solution to help improve our warehouse efficiency"

It was not surprising that Shamrock led an innovative move by trialling products to help improve their business challenges. Working with Conker, “ We trialled the rugged wearables BG2 and WC4 as a solution to help improve our warehouse efficiency.” according to Miguel Sanchez-rios.

The WC4 is a wrist-worn wearable Android PDA/Computer. It allows users to free up both hands while allowing easy product access.

Whilst the Conker BG2 makes barcode scanning easy. This rugged scanner is lightweight and sits on top of a breathable glove. Operation can be triggered with a single button, and information can be transmitted with ease to the Conker WC4 or any other device.

Conker’s rugged wearable barcode scanner and Android companion is tough enough to withstand water, dust, humidity, drops, and temperatures that range from freezing to extreme heat.

“The Conker WC4 and BG2 combination proved to be the perfect solution” Miguel continues “helping solve our problems with expensive warehouse devices and a lockdown version of Android that didn’t allow for much in-house development.”

“We are extremely happy with the CONKER wearables devices and would highly recommend CONKER to any company who asks.” he finishes.

Bespoke solutions from Conker

At Conker we see ourselves as an extension to what you do. Our aim is to build a partnership and really get to understand the challenges you face and how our technology can help you. We offer bespoke solutions, individually tailored to fit a very specific set of conditions – your workplace.

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