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Mobile Device Management for your Rugged Devices

Provision, configure and secure your rugged mobile devices across multiple operating systems. Control both content and applications with robust security. Further minimise your IT helpdesk burden through remote device troubleshooting and fully track your assets with location tracking and geo-fencing.

MDM highlights:

  • Simplified device enrollment & provisioning
  • Enhanced security enforcement
  • Real-time device monitoring, location tracking and geo-fencing
  • Application distribution and OS update management
  • Full browser, app and content management
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Kiosk Browser
Whitelist Websites
Location Tracking
Blacklist Websites
Multi Geofence
Role-Based Access
Device Analytics
Custom Branding
Reports & Alerts
Disable Hardware Buttons
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The Mobile Device Management Value Proposition

Enterprise IT departments are burdened with requirements to deploy, secure and manage mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops and rugged devices along with apps and content. The challenge is extended by devices being geographically distributed, often not returning to base each day and compounded by the expectation of minimal downtime. Do you recognise some of these challenges?

  • You want to provision devices over the air to get started quickly but are hindered by a myriad of policies and device types.
  • You need to maintain data & device security at all times but are unsure all devices ensure critical business data is secured from unauthorised acces, misuse and malware attacks.
  • You spend hours doing tasks manually due limited or no automation in device setup and maintenance.
  • Managing app and content remotely for a large device inventory is cumbersome yet you are required to distribute some apps and content while restricting access to others.
  • You are expected to monitor and support devices in real-time keeping on top of compliance checks while reactively resolving device issues and compliance violations case-by-case.

The Top 10 Mobile Device Management Features

MDM Software gives your IT teams the visibility and control required to secure, manage and monitor any corporate-owned or employee-owned devices that access corporate data. Manage your fleet of devices from a single platform to improve business visibility anbd enhance frontline operations.

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mdm os support

1. Platform Support

Easily manage the full spectrum of device platforms including:

  • Android (including single app or multi-app kiosk mode)
  • Windows (version 7 and up)
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Linux (desktops, laptops, servers and IoT devices)
14 day free trial
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2. Simplified Deployment

  • Enrollment using email, Android Zero touch, Apple DEP, URL, QR code, Microsoft 365 and Windows Autopilot
  • IMEI and serial number-based enrollement
  • ROM enrollment
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3. Enhanced Security

  • Password enforcement
  • Compliance violation tracking
  • Role based access control
  • Stringent policy application
  • Certificate management
Conker MDM location

4. Advanced Device Monitoring

  • Real time device location tracking
  • Geofence-based alerts and restrictions
  • Data analytics to monitor device health, data and battery usage
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5. Application Management

  • Distribute applications over the air with Zero Touch
  • App catalog for Windows
  • Upload and distribute enterprise apps
  • OS/app update and patch management
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6. Browser Management

  • Website whitelisting
  • Custom browsers for Android and iOS
  • Remotely clear browser cache
  • Enforce incognito mode
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7. Content Management

  • Content publishing through native FileDock app
  • Add, copy, delete, publish and unpublish files & folders from your devices
  • Presentation mode for digital signage
Conker MDM Management Options

8. Multiple device management modes including kiosking

  • Corporate owned full management
  • Work profile on corporate owned (WPCO)
  • BYOD: work profile on employee owned devices
  • Kiosk mode: single or multi app + customer launcher and hardware key control
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9. Remote troubleshooting and control

  • Device troubleshooting with Remote Cast & Control
  • ITSM tool integration for ticketing
  • VoIP call the remote device
  • File push/pull without control session
Conker MDM Dashboard

10. Visibility of asset vitals and compliance

  • Centralised device inventory information
  • Platform-wise device vitals and statistics
  • Last connected, battery health, data usage and more
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Powered by Scalefusion - Leading Mobile Device Management Software

Conker has partnered with Scalefusion to offer a Unified Endpoint Management solution that simplifies device management and ensures unmatched device security and compliance. The Scalefusion UEM solution is designed to help you take control of your entire device fleet, whether you’re managing smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or IoT devices. 

Device management can be complex and cumbersome. For businesses adopting diverse mobile devices with different operating systems and ownership models, it takes several IT hours for provisioning, management and maintaining security. Scalefusion helps in gaining visibility and streamlines IT controls across these devices.

Launched in 2015 Scalefusion is Magic Quadrant for UEM by Gartner, Leader Winter 2023 by G2 and has a 4.6 user rating on Gartner Peer Insights.

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