Rugged Devices

Handheld devices have become a workplace staple, providing communications on the move and helping to carry out a number of work processes.

Unfortunately, your average handheld device isn’t designed for work on a construction site, to be handled on a busy shop floor or for outdoor work. These devices are fragile and can break easily when dropped, ensuring costly repairs for your business.

Conker’s range of rugged handheld devices provides the perfect solution. We have a range of durable Windows and Android handheld devices that provide effective tech solutions for any workplace, ready to get to work for you.

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Why choose a rugged handheld device?

An ordinary handheld device can easily become damaged when dropped. When a device is in use all day, every day, it becomes vulnerable to dropping and other damage that can not only put a stop to procedures but is costly to repair too.

Choosing a rugged handheld device gives your business peace of mind and assurance, knowing your handset is built for the workplace. From barcode scanners to tablets, there are devices that can help you carry out key tasks and functions that can be relied on to make it through the day, every day.

With a rugged handheld device, you’ve got the perfect teammate to help you get the job done.

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Windows handheld devices

CONKER Tablet | Windows 10

At Conker, we provide enterprise-ready rugged Windows handheld devices that are suitable for use across a range of industries.

If you’re looking for a handheld Windows device that lasts, we’ll be more than happy to discuss our products with you.

With Conker’s rugged handhelds, you can benefit from all of the incredible features of a Windows operating system, housed in rugged casing that’s ready to handle whatever you’ve got.

Our rugged Windows handhelds operate using Windows 10, one of the most powerful operating systems in the world today. Integrate your tablet with your other Windows devices for seamless operations, maximising productivity and ensuring consistency across your work.

Conkers handhelds come equipped with the latest tech to ensure the best for your business. Need something bespoke for your business? We can provide the additional technology that will help meet your exact requirements.

Explore our range of rugged Windows handhelds and find the right device for you.

CONKER NS6 2D Tablet | with Barcode Scanner


The Conker NS6 2D comes complete with a built-in 2D scanner that’s ideal for PoS applications, inventory checks and so much more. A 6” tablet with a 1280 x 720 Resolution, this IP65 Rated rugged Windows device is designed to meet your workplace needs, helping you run your business more effectively.

Explore our range of Windows handheld devices in more detail and see what Conker has to offer.

Android handheld devices

CONKER | Android OS

If you’re looking for a rugged Android handheld device, Conker has you covered.

We sell portable Android barcode scanners that are ideal for a range of business uses, giving you a reliable device you can rely on to get the job done.

When it comes to flexibility and reliability, rugged Android handhelds have you covered. From barcode scanning to inventory audits, your Android device can help you benefit from portable technology, without the fear of damaging your devices.

Conker Android handhelds are used across a range of industries, including retail and mining, providing solutions that can improve your productivity and transform the way your business carries out its operations.

Take a look at our rugged Android handhelds to help find the right device for your business.

CONKER SX50 2D Android tablet with bar code scanner


Boost productivity with the help of the Conker SX50 2D, a rugged Android handheld device with a powerful OS that can carry out a range of business functions. Small, but mighty, it can help you meet your business needs.

Take a look at our Android handheld devices to help you find the right portable tech for your business needs.

The benefits of a Conker rugged handheld device

Why should you choose a rugged handheld device over other portable devices? Some of the main benefits include:

  • Benefit from the latest technology housed in rugged casing to withstand heavy use
  • Drop proof
  • Dustproof
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for use across a range of industries including retail, construction and military

Whatever your workplace needs, our Conker portable devices can give you what you need.

Even the toughest devices are still susceptible to damage thanks to heavy repeated use. But with Conker, you benefit from our free 1-year accidental damage cover, providing unlimited repairs for your damage without exclusions or limits. This service helps you get the most from your devices so that you can be sure your device will be repaired and returned in no time.

Conker products help speed up efficiency, ensuring better communications, faster processes and boosted productivity. Our products can help you significantly improve your business for better results.

With our Conker guarantee, you can put your devices to work, knowing they’re covered if they become damaged in any way.

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