The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on various industries like delivery, courier and transportation. In fact, COVID-19 caused numerous unexpected disruptions, accelerated trends and forced businesses to change the way they deliver products and services. One of the most obvious changes is how the last mile delivery landscape has completely improved. Learn How Rugged Devices For Last-Mile Delivery Drives Solutions from here.

Understanding The Last-Mile Delivery

According to Oberlo, about 27.2 per cent of the global population or at least 2.14 billion purchased online. The tremendous growth of e-commerce was even fuelled further as lockdowns took place due to the COVID-19. As e-commerce grew, the demand for excellent last-mile delivery also became very apparent.

One of the best parts of a customer’s journey is when they are finally able to receive the product that they ordered. Last-mile delivery refers to the final step that companies must make to move products to their final destination – the customer’s front doors. It is considered the most critical step in delivery, courier and logistics that can be considered to be the cornerstone of driving growth and profitability in business.

How Rugged Devices For Last-Mile Delivery Drives Solutions

Improving the last mile delivery process is crucial for any business. After all, is the most crucial requirement in ensuring customer loyalty. Last-mile delivery service should emphasize speed, efficiency and accuracy. As a result, you can count on the help of rugged devices to solve your last-mile delivery challenges.

What Are The Challenges in Last-Mile Delivery?

Outdated Technology

Using outdated technology can result in a lacklustre service and losing customers. Having the proper technology will help your transaction go as smoothly as possible. Moreover, equipping your business with the right technology will help solve other bumps in the road.

To counter this issue, you can implement a digitized operation using the latest technology. Rugged devices for last-mile delivery can be crucial in helping your team become technologically advanced. Conker’s NS6 is a full Windows 10 rugged device. It offers a range of solutions for your operations including continuous data access, barcode scanning, reliable connectivity and more. Be sure to read how technology can change courier and delivery operations

Lack of Transparency

Buyers want to know the exact location of their product and the expected delivery time. Customers demand absolute real-time visibility. As a result, visibility is the most significant prerequisite to develop credibility. In the last mile delivery, transparency is even more crucial.

To solve this issue, you can implement delivery management software. With this software, consumers can receive real-time updates. Your customers can have updates on the location of their items from the movement to the expected time of delivery.

rugged devices for last mile delivery

Improper route optimization

Proper route planning increases the efficiency of last-mile deliveries. Route optimization takes into account possible traffic and many other factors. This ensures that each package arrives as quickly as possible and reduces costs as well as lowers customer frustration.

Route optimization is a key element in ensuring successful last-mile delivery. It has a strategic impact on cost and can directly influence ETAs. Route optimization software can help your team overcome this hurdle. It can be implemented right from the start until the last-mile delivery.

Unpredictable factors

Each delivery is unpredictable. Drivers can run into sudden weather changes, problems with their vehicles, and other factors. Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do about it. However, with the proper approach, good communication between the driver and the customer, there won’t be much to worry about.

High Delivery Cost

Last-mile delivery will be one of the most expensive parts of completing your transaction process. It involves numerous steps, from planning out complex routes to allocating salaries for drivers it can easily get very costly. Rugged devices for last-mile delivery can easily reduce this cost. It is an all-in-one device that allows your team to easily work together and streamline the entire operation.

What Are Rugged Devices?

In our previous blog, we have set up a complete definition of rugged devices. These are hardware devices designed specially to tolerate the harshest environments. Issues like extreme temperature or exposure to dust and water are no longer a problem.

Rugged devices are highly recommended to provide solutions for last-mile delivery. As it is a multi-tool that can support applications, communications, and more. For example, Conker ST60 is an android rugged device that comes with a 4G connectivity and an optional barcode scanning system. Using this device, your team can easily perform all the tasks needed in a single system.