Rugged Android Tablets

Conker Android Rugged Enterprise Class Devices

Key Features

  • 8" Massive Display
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • IP67 and 1.5m drop
  • Only 630g
  • Optional Barcode Scanner


The Conker NS8 is our mid-size Windows tablet. This device has an IP67 rugged which allows up to 1.5m drop. As a result, it is the perfect choice for businesses who are working in extreme conditions. It comes with a 7800 mAh battery and Quad-core processor making it a reliable device.

Key Features

  • Mediatek MT676D Octa-Core
  • Android 10
  • 6.1 inch HD+ IPS  720x1520
  • 4GB memory 128GB storage
  • IP68 Drop tested to 1.2 meters


When it comes to rugged good looks, the ST60 leads the way for affordable Rugged Android Smartphones, with its ergonomic design and powerful processing power. The ST60 will keep on working even after the end of your shift with its long-lasting 4100 mAh battery.

Key Features

  • Octa-Core Processor 1.3GHz
  • Operating System: Android 7.0
  • IP67 / MIL-STD-810
  • 5 inch toughened screen
  • 2D SE4710 (Zebra) scanner


Conker SX50 is the rugged PDA that you are looking for. This popular Android barcode scanner offers a unique productivity-boosting angled barcode reader. At only 250 grams this lightweight handheld will support your mobile workforce with a powerful mobile workhorse.

Rugged Android Tablets For Business Tech Solutions

Conker devices are powerful and affordable and will not put a dent into your budget. Conker Android Rugged Enterprise Class Devices are the new standard when it comes to fit for purpose robust technology, a must for every business that embraces digital transformation to drive productivity.

Conkers Rugged Android Tablets offer an all in one solution for companies that value flexibility and reliability. Conkers Android Tablets, PDAs and Android Smartphones can do it all, from computing to barcode scanning. Conker is one of the best in the industry offering a range of choices to support companies from retail to mining.

Conker's Rugged Android Tablets

Founded in 2008, Conker is a top British producer of rugged devices. The company provides durable and reliable systems to help companies adapt a successful digital transformation. The firm offers a consultative approach to help companies improve productivity and streamline processes. As a result, the company has won recognition within The Financial Times’ FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies (2018) and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 (2017).

Conker’s collaborative approach now empowers mobile workers to measurably improve productivity. The devices are aimed make their lives easier by automating the mundane and streamlining business processes.

12 years,   > 1000 customers,   Industry awarded

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