Who are ProudCastle?

ProudCastle is the leading specialist in fire detection and integrated security systems.

Founded in 1982, not only have they evolved through the digital revolution, ProudCastle has only continued to grow.

ProudCastle offers a number of security solutions, including Fire Detection and Life Safety Systems, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control, Car Parks and Barriers, and Proactive Maintenance.

They also operate throughout multiple verticals such as Education, High-End Retail, Housing Associations, and Local Authorities.

ProudCastle is an NSI Gold Approved Company for all of their Security work and holds many accreditations and memberships.


What devices do ProudCastle use?

ProudCastle chose Conker’s 8” Android Tablet, and 12” Windows Tablet.

What is important to ProudCastle?

  • Compatibility. The engineers at ProudCastle Case rely on software to ensure tasks are assigned and completed accordingly, it was important that Conker could offer them an OS that would support their software.
  • Battery life. Whether it be installing a new system, maintenance, or a call out, ProudCastle’s expert engineers are often using rugged tablets all day, therefore it is crucial that the battery life is long-lasting.
  • Uptime. A reliable piece of rugged hardware that can host ProudCastle’s software is able to streamline processes, and can even allow for higher productivity overall.
  • Ruggedness. It’s vital that the tablets ProudCastle Case Study use can take a drop or two, and survive wet weather or cold temperatures which is why they chose Conker’s IP67 Rated tablets.


How does Conker help ProudCastle Case Study?

“We have been using our new android tablets and they have been extremely easy to use. Once out of the box, they were very easy to set up, customize, and add our required software.

Our Engineering team has had no problems with them and has found the migration from … a very simple process. These tablets have allowed our Engineers to work more efficiently due to the improved networking facilities working alongside the required software. I would definitely recommend these tablets.

We are a company that installs and maintains Security Systems. Our Engineers use the tablets for receiving and completing ‘jobs’. If there is an installation of a new system, a call out or a maintenance visit, our guys use the tablets to accept the assigned work, and once completed the jobs are immediately sent back to our office.”

-Lucy Morris, ProudCastle Solutions