Conker Partner Programme: Driving value to your customers

The Conker Partner Programme is your gateway to generating more revenue. But more than that we want to give you the edge with your customers and reduce the hassle that so often comes with hardware vendors.

Are you tired of the same old, boring partner programs that over-promise and under-deliver? Do you want to work with a company that’s as customer focussed and forward-thinking as you are? Then you need to check out Conker’s Partner Programme.

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Rugged Tablets

Partner Programme Benefits

Providing you the Edge to Build Success

  • Pricing support to provide you with pricing advantage and strong margins
  • Marketing collateral
  • Technical support with industry bashing SLAs
  • Sales co-piloting with your customers including technical sales support
  • Dedicated partner manager that understands B2B2B
  • Consistent hardware platforms with clear roadmaps
  • Hardware samples for demonstration
  • Early adopter access to future hardware pre-launch
  • Leads and referrals where we know you offer the customer an advantage
  • Partner opportunities at expos and industry events

Join the Conker Partnership family today and unlock customer success

Our Partners come in 4 flavours, which one are you?


You already provide a variety of computer hardware to an existing base of customers and are looking to expand your range and basket size by promoting rugged mobile devices.

Software Vendor

You are a software business providing business software that runs on mobile devices. You are looking to add margin and standardise on hardware by providing mobile devices to your customers.


You are a solution provider offering hardware, software and services tailored to each client’s needs. You are seeking additional products and differentiated service levels from existing hardware vendors.


You move a high volume of hardware into specific countries or territories through established relationships and contracts.

Create more value

The Conker Partner Programme provides a hassle free solution to providing rugged mobile devices to your customers with outstanding responsive support. Offering a wide range of high-quality, full-featured rugged handhelds, tablets, and notebooks, becoming a Conker Partner will give your business the edge to build success with your customers.

Don’t settle for the status-quo. Join the Conker Partner Programme and move your customers to the next level as we shape the mobile workforce.

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