A new way of working Mobile Technology

Healthcare, by its very nature, works with vast amounts of data. In a climate where hospital and care workloads are becoming more substantial, it is vital to find a system where all this information is stored, kept up to date, and easily accessible at all times. Leaps made in technology, such as using tablets and hand-held devices, has resulted in mobile technology changing healthcare and benefitting the industry as a whole.

Data consolidation

With each new patient comes a lot of information, health history, current care plans, and pending test results, and in some cases, payment systems. Keeping all data in one place enables companies to streamline their workload and order it in a way that makes everything more accessible. Utilizing mobile technology in the healthcare industry is an ideal way to keep all client and patient data in one place where various people can access it simultaneously whenever they need to.

It is also the perfect format for creating a continuous and clear line of communication between practitioners and different parts of an organization. With everything in one place, it is easier to see the timeline of each patient and make a considered plan for the future.

Time efficiency

Being able to work using a hand-held device frees up time throughout the day as workers no longer need to access a stationary machine to check files or communicate with one another. In some institutions, tablets and hand-held devices can be easily synced up to one another, and changing factors such as test results and care plans can be discussed on the way to and from meetings. This ease in synchronization could go a great way to minimize staff downtime and help with more efficient staffing.

It also, more importantly, means that more time is spent at the patient’s bedside and actively working as a physician rather than losing time on admin or looking up information.

Changes for the patient

The use of handhelds can also be more directly beneficial for clients and patients. During check-ups or assessments, practitioners can show images, data, and test results quickly and easily. Helping the patient understand their care plan is vital for addressing any underlying confusion or anxieties and being able to have facts and figures to hand can be an effective way of putting a patient’s mind at rest. A better understanding of treatment often results in a better health plan success rate. In healthcare settings, situations can change minute by minute.

Having all information about a patient immediately to hand means that updates such as test results or billing details (where this is applicable) is another way of saving time and therefore money. Using mobile technology allows staff to access this information immediately and at any time, meaning that the patient is as up-to-date as the clinician is.

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