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  Supplied from the UK   🔧  Repaired in the UK   👨‍🔧  Always UK support   📞  Call us: 01279 295800   

  Supplied from the UK   
🔧  Repaired in the UK   
👨‍🔧  Always UK support   
📞  Call us: 01279 295800

Conker SX7 Datasheet

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Conker SX7

ou want blisteringly quick processing with ultra-fast 4G LTE. You want data capture on the go. You’re looking for a rear expansion module, designed to support custom combinations of barcode reader and RFID supporting a 2D barcode scanning – with options for RFID including dual RFID frequency support. Get your CONKER SX7 – Dustproof and waterproof in a meter of water for half an hour and drop tested on to concrete from 5 feet. That kind of rugged. CONKER rugged.

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