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Our customer need rugged. They need amazing battery life. And they need best in class features for their use-case be it barcode scanning, GPS or docking.

But what sets Conker apart from our competition is our responsiveness. You can call us and get straight through to a human. Pre-sales, delivery, after-sales, customer success, support and even finance. All of our services responsive.

Conker was built service-first. Responsive service. Rugged products. The Conker way.

Conker Relax Warranty

Business Rugged means tough devices with a warranty system that lowers total cost of ownership. It's not enough to claim lower breakage rates compared to non-rugged, there has to be a comprehensive plan to mitigate costs and lost time when breakages occur. The Conker solution is our Relax Warranty and it's included as standard because Conker business-rugged means more than just solid hardware.

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Relax gives you peace of mind. It's a truly bumper-to-bumper warranty with unlimited no-quibble accidental damage cover, free collect-and-return, priority turnaround, no repair surcharges, no exclusions for fire & theft and we even cover the battery.

Honestly we can't understand why all rugged warranties aren't made this way.

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