Swimming Pool with our IP67 Sealed Rugged Devices

Has your tablet ever gone swimming? Whilst visiting South Africa on a trade mission our CEO had fun throwing a couple of our rugged tablets into the swimming pool. And yes, they were retrieved still working, dripping wet and cold. But no, they can’t swim. Have a look at the fun video.

First for a swim was the CONKER ST8. This is a 7.85″ IP67 ruggedized Android device that can endure complete submersion, with a whopping 15,000mAh battery and 13 megapixels Sony EXMOR rear camera. This fast Quad-core CPU with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage has a bright 7.85 inch 4:3 aspect screen with toughened glass. It includes a rear hand-strap and weighs only 830g.

The CONKER ST8 is a real road warrior with its rugged looks and long battery life. A battery test on the ST8 runs for 9.5 hours playing back video and 3D graphics at full-screen brightness so under normal conditions the ST8 easily operates for a couple of days. Customers using the ST8 are typically in field service or automotive industries but of course, it’s suitable for anyone that needs a solid workhorse out in the field.

Next to take a dive was the CONKER NS8. This rugged 8″ Windows Tablet is our smallest and lightest full Windows Professional tablet computer now running Windows 10. At 16mm thick and weighing only 630g, you have a truly portable handheld computer. The super-bright and the anti-reflective 5-point capacitive touch screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and the toughened cover glass has a hardness of 7H. There is the option of a 1D or 1D/2D barcode scanner. It has 2x USB ports, mini HDMI out, and access to microSA and micro SIM card slots. There is also a desk dock accessory offering port replication for USB and RJ45 connections.

The CONKER NS8 is our most successful product launch ever-rising rapidly in popularity and customer acceptance. The NS8 has found new homes in hospitality and retail but as this video demonstrates you can take the NS8 anywhere and conquer the field.

Both devices are IP67 rated which means they are capable of withstanding water immersion at a depth between 15 cm and 1 meter for a minimum of 30 minutes. Have a look at our article on the IP ratings and here is information on the more office rugged device testing that our devices have to go through.


Although very sunny May is very much winter in South Africa. The original plan was to use string but we soon found support in the form of a rescue diver. Many thanks to all those involved in the video and to the hotel for bringing out towels to dry off with!