You’ve heard of SaaS, Software Rugged as a Service, the increasingly popular cloud-based distribution model that allows us access to shared apps, data and more at any time. SaaS has enhanced the way we function as businesses, promoting compliance, security, and efficiency – all available at our fingertips via the smart subscription model.

Now, how does this relate to rugged devices or implementing ruggedized tablets, handhelds, or smartphones into your business?

Well, the technology that you provide your mobile workforce with, be it ruggedized tablets or smartphones, should be more than just a commodity – this is where the true value lies.

More than just a commodity means there is augmented value and service included in order to ensure long-term compliance, security, and efficiency. Just like SaaS, RaaS is more powerful, and a great deal more beneficial than its standalone predecessor.

These augmented attributes include Subscription Model, Bundled Warranty, Compliance, Data Security, Obsolescence Protection, and CSR.

Subscription Model

Having the option to choose a non-traditional payment method or buy ‘outright’. Rather than paying in one large chunk, Conker’s Subscription Model allows companies to pay for their ruggedized tablets and mobile devices in subsidized quarterly payments over a three-year period.

This cost-effective payment mechanism allows for greater control over budget and planning, protection against obsolescence, data security and data compliance. Plus once a device’s three year agreement is up, it is repurposed into the Education Sector and is given a second life(once it has been data cleansed of course)!

Bundled Warranty

Are you clear on what level of Service and Support your rugged provider offers? We see all to often rugged providers that are eager to help customers in the beginning, but fail to upkeep a consistent level of Service and Support beyond the sale.

We also know that accidents happen, and that even the most industrial, Military-Grade tablets break eventually.

Which is why having warranty options is paramount. Conker’s warranty model, ConkerCare was put in place so that downtime can be kept to the bare minimum and ensure customer’s rugged devices can continue working just as hard as their employees.

ConkerCare helps companies stay productive by providing easy access to the right level of support. We have a simple range of ConkerCare packages to suit each customer including our Relax 3 year warranty which includes accidental damage cover, a 3 day target turnaround time, zero parts and labour charges and an annual performance report

Obsolescence Protection

The increasing consumer demand for bigger, better, shinier technology has a knock on effect when it comes to a company’s everyday business processes and fleet of devices. You don’t want to invest in rugged tablets or industrial smartphones that cannot guarantee longevity and become obsolete before you know it.

Obsolescence in technology should not be expected, but unfortunately it is. Consequently, companies result in buying large quantities of fragile throwaway devices that in the long run are not cost-effective nor a sustainable solution.

Longevity is important to Conker, which is why we keep our devices up to date and consistent. Our subscription model allows companies access to the latest devices – once the end of the agreement period approaches, customers are offered the latest version to keep them up to date.

We also won’t make drastic changes to the device’s design, which helps in avoiding the obsolescence of any mounting solutions or accessories it’s paired with.


Data regulation and compliance are absolutely essential in the data-focused, data-driven business world we live in today. But how do we ensure that data is protected and regulations are not breached?

Conker guarantees GDPR compliance with accredited data cleaning through our partners. As part of Conker’s subscription model, we work with specialists to ensure devices are data-wiped securely using software sanitization. Once any data is removed from the device, certification is issued for peace of mind.

Data Security

Your fleet of ruggedised mobile devices can do some incredible things, you can rely on them to fulfil tasks, complete projects, and record valuable data. They can store important data internally, plus access any cloud-based platform your company may use.

However, in response to the increasing demand for ease of use in technology, data sharing has been made extremely straightforward (which is great in some instances). But with data sharing now as easy as clicking a button, modern technology, and its functions pose a huge threat to companies.

Which is why Conker provides the option to have Unified Endpoint Management software and Mobile Connectivity Management solutions available with our rugged tablets.

Conker helps companies secure their data and devices using our UEM’s access limitation feature, which includes user permissions. Our Mobile Connectivity Management solution can help combat data misuse within companies by capping data allowance, monitoring search activity, and blocking harmful content – all at the SIM-card level.


It’s important that we all do our bit for the environment, give back to society and make conscientious business decisions.

Whilst traditional ownership methods mean rugged enterprise devices are disposed of at the end-of-life stage and potentially end up in landfills, by adopting Conker’s subscription model, companies help tackle e-waste and contribute to the Circular Economy.

As the end of the agreement period nears, customers are offered the latest version of technology, meanwhile, their used devices are repurposed into the Education Sector. Instead of ending up in a landfill, used devices will contribute to the vital learning and development of children in Nurseries and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Rugged as a Service or RaaS offers companies a unique, unified, out-of-the-box solution that assists in a multitude of long-term benefits. If you’re interested in enhancing your business and transforming your rugged devices into more than just a commodity, get in touch below.