Warehouse warehousing

Durable Tablets, Smartphones and Scanning Equipment for Warehouse and Logistics

If you work in Warehouse and Logistics you might know all too well how reliant the industry is becoming on technology, whether you are carrying out data capture in picking and sortation, transport or warehouse management. At Conker we understand how data-centric your operations are, and if your barcode scanners, tablets or phones cannot withstand the tough conditions of a warehouse or transportation settings, then productivity and efficiency is affected.

Conker produces a range of industrial barcode scanners, tablets and mobile phones, with precisely this is mind. Our durable devices are built waterproof and dust proof, with shock absorption and protection against extreme temperatures. We are proud of our consultative approach which allows us to customise a device to suit your requirements, whether that be adding a 2D barcode scanner or a dockable solution for drivers.


Warehouse consult

We Get to Know the Needs of Your Warehouse

First, our team will listen to your specific needs – then use our years of experience working with other warehouse operators to create the perfect rugged device solution for your staff.

Warehouse deploy

Then, We Build the Devices for Your Warehouse Environment

We understand that warehouses present multiple threats to devices. We build them with durability in mind, then dispatch them speedily from our UK inventory.

Warehouse product-support

Receive Ongoing Care from Our Team

Our team is here for you if you need additional support with the new devices for your warehouse. We offer varying ongoing support packages and warranties are standard at no additional cost.

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