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Fifteen years ago businesses were excited about the paperless office – yet still, we’re drowning in paperwork. But Conker is here to save your workplace from unnecessary documents with our rugged solutions that support the paperless office.

Why Go Paperless At Work?

Well first there’s the obvious benefits to the environment of reducing your volume of paper but the benefits of paperless office solutions also stretch to your organisation. You can free up wasted space currently full of filing systems; employees can eliminate hours 4 spent searching for documents; you can cut out the costs of paper, printing and ink; and finally, you set a good example to customers as an environmental steward.

How To Go Paperless In The Office

Up until more recent times, the technology required to help build a paperless office just wasn’t quite good enough and wasn’t cost effective enough for the majority of businesses.

But, the technology available today is second to none at helping you reduce the paper mountain.

From installing useful Apps on your phone that help promote a paper-free office, to high-speed scanners to support your plans, it’s all available. And with our built-to-your- specifications rugged devices, you can quite literally take your business anywhere.

The ubiquitous cloud makes storing documents virtually a breeze – they’re right at your fingertips when you need them without the need for employing a physical filing system.

Paper manuscripts and manuals can be replaced with easy-to-access eBooks, eBilling options are multiple and eSignatures have been legal in the UK since 2000 and the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.

How Can Conker Help?

All of our durable devices come equipped with a camera making it easy to gather together multiple documents and images and store them online together. In this way, it’s far easier to retrieve what you need and there’s no risk of a spilt cup of coffee ruining a contract.

Even a spilt cup of coffee on one of our devices isn’t enough to slow you down – our tablets and smartphones are built to last. Business robust is what we do – our devices are designed to stand up to whatever the workplace throws at them, whether that’s dust, water, sheer force or coffee. This becomes particularly important if you’re moving into the realms of a paperless office – your devices quite literally become your virtual office and so need to be indestructible and reliable.

Our process for delivering rugged devices for the paperless office is simple:

We invest time understanding what the paperless office needs. We know technology can make or break the paperless office – we’ll find out what you need to make paperless a reality.

We build your rugged devices to match your paperless requirements

We’ll create a robust device to your unique specifications and we’ll deliver it quickly from UK stock.

You enjoy peace of mind with ongoing support. Our UK-based support teams are on hand to help with queries and to resolve them promptly and efficiently.


Paperless Office Solutions consult

We Get to Know the Needs of Your Warehouse

First, our team will listen to your specific needs – then use our years of experience working with other warehouse operators to create the perfect rugged device solution for your staff.

Paperless Office Solutions deploy

Then, We Build the Devices for Your Warehouse Environment

We understand that warehouses present multiple threats to devices. We build them with durability in mind, then dispatch them speedily from our UK inventory.

Paperless Office Solutions product-support

Receive Ongoing Care from Our Team

Our team is here for you if you need additional support with the new devices for your warehouse. We offer varying ongoing support packages and warranties are standard at no additional cost.

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