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Conker Can Help Find You the Best Tablets & Phones for Construction Workers

Entirely consultative based, Conker treats your business case individually. As standard we find out the end-users requirements, what kind of setting it will be used in and exactly what for. Helping us to find you the best devices for the project at hand, hard-wearing phones and tablets that can endure the construction site, or where any building work takes place.

Durability and reliability are at the core of our product ranges, in order to consistently work well, Conker’s rugged smartphones and tablets are inherently waterproof, dustproof and can survive knocks and drops. We also understand that every project is different, so if your durable tablets and phones need customising, we can add specialised features or subtract any that are not necessary.

Conker helps a range of companies in the Construction industry, whether our durable tablets and smartphone are being used to host BIM software, or construction workers use them for fulfilling rounds. If you need help maintaining work efficiency, then Conker can help find you construction-grade tablets and phones today.


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We Get to Know Your Company

We listen to your needs and make sure you get the right solution. We frequently draw on our knowledge and expertise of working with customers in the construction industry to provide you with the right solutions.

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We Build Your Devices

We build your rugged construction-grade devices, designed for people doing heavy duty work. Then we dispatch them swiftly from our UK inventory.

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Industry-Leading Support as Standard

We’re always on hand to provide support and advice. Conker’s support team are UK-based. We offer up to 3-years warranty on phones and tablets for construction workers and provide world-class levels of service.

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