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Who are Conker and how can we help your mobile workforce?

Conker are a British Producer of Rugged Tablets, Smartphones and Barcode Scanners


We are here to help you become more productive, save costs and improve efficiency for your mobile workforce


We always discuss your specific requirements with you before building your proposal


Our friendly and knowledgeable team will work with you to find the right devices for you and your company


We produce both Android and Windows Devices


Our devices are all Waterproof, Dust Proof, Drop Proof, Pressure Proof and Shock Proof

A few of our most loved android and windows devices

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Conker SX80

The SX80 is the ideal device for mobile workers across a multitude of industries. With features such as optional 2D barcode scanning, fingerprint reading, wireless charging and 4GB RAM/ 64GB memory, the SX80 will be your mobile workforce’s most reliable tool..

Holiday Park Resort - Who are Conker? SX50-250x250

Conker SX50

With integrated 2D barcode scanning, an IP67 rating and optional pistol grip, the SX50 is ideal for data capture amongst a variety of industries, from Manufacturing to Retail and Wholesale & Distribution to Hospitality.

Holiday Park Resort - Who are Conker? NS12-background-dark-reverse-250x250

Conker NS12

12″ Full HD Display, Rugged Windows Tablet with optional Barcode Scanner; With an IP65 rating and generous storage, we understand why it is used in extreme marine environments, by Chester Zoo and for biodiversity recording. This device has Windows 10 Pro and Optional Intel Core m3.

Holiday Park Resort - Who are Conker? NS10-250x250

Conker NS10

10″ Rugged Windows Tablet with optional Barcode Scanner; The NS10 fully rugged tablet comes with full Windows 10 and the option of a barcode scanner. It also has an IP65 rating and 1.2m drop with Optional Intel Core m3.

Would you like a dedicated member of our team to discuss the right rugged devices for your business? Just add your details here

Our process for providing outstanding rugged devices is simple

Holiday Park Resort - Who are Conker? consult


We get to know your business. We will understand the business case for your overall project to ensure you receive the right rugged device solution.

Holiday Park Resort - Who are Conker? deploy


Deployed from UK stock. We can handle the deployment of your new rugged devices including pre-configuration and quality assurance.

Holiday Park Resort - Who are Conker? product-support


We are here for you, when you need a helping hand. UK-based support, up to 3-years warranty on your devices and industry leading turnaround times.

Join more than 1000 customers who rely on Conker rugged tablets