Get to know the: NS10 M3

With the power of Windows 10 Pro, Intel-core M3 processor, and a particularly generous 126GB of storage (4GB memory), it’s worth getting to know the Conker NS10 2D.

Whether you are in the field, industrial or process-based work, you should be able to rely on a device that is powerful enough not to lag as a result of switching between apps, to store vital work documentation, images, and even videos without running out of storage and have the device last the entire workday without running out of battery. We recognized that being able to fulfill work tasks safely, efficiently, and effectively was paramount, but above all, you should be able to do so time and time and time again, without failure.  This is why we produced the NS10.M3.

Conker’s ruggedized 10″ Windows tablet has helped a range of businesses solve such productivity issues and promote work efficiency. From Tree Surgeons to Marine Biologists, and Food Manufacturers to Engineers, the NS10 is widely used for inventory management, data capture, meter reading, CAD surveying, quality control, and more.

The IP65-rated tablet was even taken backpacking through Sri Lanka recently by Computer Weekly’s Adrian Bridgwater. Here’s what he had to say:


“Okay so how was it? The overall feeling with this machine is that everything ‘just works’ and we mean everything.

Wi-Fi connectivity is strong, connections to external devices are strong, battery life (around 8-10 hours) is good, full-blown Windows functionality in something 10-inches wide is just fine, installation of VPNs and firewalls to enable secure work in remote international locations is perfect… and the rugged factor is there all round in a nice tuff-grip style casing that slid down the side of a backpack very neatly.”

-Adrian Bridgwater

Image: Adrian Bridgwater

If you’re interested in the full article, you can read it here.

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