Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Our guide for businesses will help you choose the right rugged device to cut costs for your teams and the industry you work in.

We have included useful templates, downloads, and checklists to help you choose the most effective rugged devices for cost-cutting to your organization, and improve employees’ productivity, wherever they work.

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Guide to Buying Rugged Devices

Our guide walks you through what to check for when buying a rugged device.

Of course most buyers begin with features but how do you asses for quality, warranty, total cost of ownership and a true match for your business needs.

Information based on a survey of our customers.

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Modernize your Windows CE Systems

Swathes of industry are finding they must upgrade from Windows CE devices due to the operating system reaching end-of-life.

This guide discusses your migration paths to either Windows 10 or Android devices, evaluating factors like security, cost, hardware needs, and ease of transition when choosing a new platform.

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Rugged Devices vs. Phone Cases

Rugged devices built for demanding work environments outperform consumer phones with protective cases. Ruggedness requires resilient internal components, not just durable outer casings. Rugged devices offer better durability, serviceability, cleaning ability, temperature range, battery life and charging than consumer phones with cases.

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Figuring out Total Cost of Ownership

The hallmark of successful IT projects are reduced costs and increased productivity. Achieving this requires controlling the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  of your rugged devices.

Conker achieve lower TCO through:

  • Accidental damage warranty.
  • Wider coverage of repairs saving you 84% on the industry average).
  • Reduced downtime with our unrivalled in-country repair time averaging 1 day.
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