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Cut Costs and Boost Productivity for Mobile Workers
Mobile device selection for businesses

A guide for Businesses: Cut costs and boost productivity for your mobile workforce with our handy Ebook on the best ways to approach which rugged devices are best suited for your teams and industries, including tools such as our Total Cost of Ownership calculator and Mobility Budget Planner.

What’s in the Ebook?

  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
  • Mobility Budget Planner Download
  • Choosing an Operating System
  • Security requirements and control for your workforce
  • Which device is right for your company and teams?
  • Case Studies – what device best fits your industry and teams?
  • Identify user types – which type does your team fit into?
  • Checklist for next steps to help you get started
  • Key questions that you can use to ask your supplier to ensure the right devices are selected for your teams/industry
  • And much more!

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