Why Rugged Android Devices and Project Management Software Are A Perfect Fit

Conker is constantly looking to add value to its solutions wherever it can. Which is why the partnership with Construction Project Management and BIM software specialist, BuilderStorm was formed. We identified that there was a need for reliable, flexible project management software with BIM and other planning, hosting and communicative capabilities within the Construction industry. It is such software that ensures projects are completed on time, efficiently, effectively and within budget.

However we learnt that regardless of how valuable the software was, if the devices that were being used for the software on site were unreliable and breaking, having such valuable collaboration software was pointless.

And so the BuilderStorm/Conker partnership was born. Excellent PM software hosted on devices that you can consistently rely on to withstand tough working environments.

BuilderStorm, the cloud-based software is ultimately your digital tool box when it comes to managing any project within Architecture, Engineering and Construction. It minimises the need to use multiple platforms and outdated paper systems.

Just some of the software’s features:

  • User Management (allowing different levels of access to the entire platform)
  • Project Management (edit, schedule, assign roles, add milestones, deadlines, locations etc.)
  • Company Management (keep the info of clients, subcontractors, consultants, suppliers and agencies in one place)
  • Asset Management (keep a record of fleet and asset components, photos, scheduling, renewal, certification expiration, location, damage)
  • BIM viewer, Interactive and Project drawings (host, add, edit and manage)
  • Company Documents (store important company documents and proformas in one place)
  • Daily Diary (imports data such as location and weather, enables workers to enter works done, highlight issues, comment on deliveries and share with approved users)
  • Deliveries Management (manage delivery points and restrictions, plan routes and timings)
  • Financial Tracking (bill of quants, quotations, variations, valuations and invoices)
  • Employee Managements (holiday requests and approvals, induction management)
  • Plant Management (edit, create plants/tools, manage categories, add images, log damage, hire and off hire)
  • Procurement (request and manage materials straight to office or site)
  • Quality Control, RFIs and Snags (send detailed requests, set due dates, highlight and crop images to include)
  • Timesheet Tracker (keep all timesheets organised in one place)
  • Training Tracker (store, track and monitor certification dates digitally and book training)

If you’re interested in completing your projects in a more efficient, pain-free way, give us a call 01279295800.

Or read about our partnership here.