In the past, construction companies use mobile devices for a single purpose – its flashlight is a convenient way to see work in dark areas. Over time, mobile phones have become an even more practical solution with the availability of construction applications. Today, we will take a look at the 5 ways rugged devices apps are changing the construction industry.

Benefits of Using Rugged Devices Apps

Rugged devices are known for their robust hardware. Therefore, even when it is used in the most demanding environments. For example, on a construction site, you can expect your rugged mobile device to work. This is important especially if your team relies on connectivity to complete job orders. Rugged devices have helped a lot of industries achieve mobility as it is a reliable to that ensures continuous connections.

Rugged devices apps for construction businesses also streamline and improve the delivery of service. As a result, you can expect time and money saved from any angle. Construction apps today have improved tremendously offering powerful and unique solutions to the sector. Within the Android or Windows platform, construction companies can use rugged devices apps to streamline their work. For example, safety training to closing a job can be done easily using these devices. According to research giant Statista, in 2019 more than 58% of construction companies and professionals rely on the performance of an application for daily reporting.  

Check out the ways rugged devices apps are changing the job site for construction businesses.

Improved Safety

We can recommend a list of construction applications that will ensure safety for construction and field workers. These applications are compatible with rugged Android devices which makes them easy to use. First, Safesite is a construction app that offers works a way to digitally upload checklists, do safety inspections, and complete forms. This safety management app developed by construction professionals aims to reduce work-related injuries and improve productivity. Second, Procore is a software that provides cloud base services that aim to improve communications in construction projects. It allows contractors to connect with other team members faster ensuring safety when doing their tasks.

Essential for Task Management

Rugged devices apps for construction business such as Fieldwire helps improve task management. By using this application foremen and project leaders are able to keep their wheels turning and delegate jobs easily. Alternatively, your team should also try the LetsBuild app. This app allows you to “see everything” and track work progress quick.



Ensure Seamless Communication

Applications help with an array of functions including ensuring seamless communication at all times. For example, the application Buildertrend allows team members to be involved in any type of project. It allows for faster and smarter information sharing. Alternatively, you can use the CoConstruct app which allows you to simplify communications from pre-construction to building. This application customizes everything that your construction team may need. For example, it allows creating estimates, proposals and bids or managing subcontractors. Overall, CoConstruct promises to forge better communications between clients, subcontractors and team members.

Final Thoughts

The construction industry may have seen a challenging time during the past two years. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed numerous closures slowing down this industry significantly. Nonetheless, learning about how you can improve your solutions and services using rugged devices apps will prepare your business for what is to come. Conker’s History dates back to 2008 when it was founded with a focus to save companies from Bad Tech.

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