2 Days. ZERO Cost. Hassle Free Rugged Mobility by Conker. The only thing tougher than our devices is our Warranty.

Total Cost of Ownership is typically 3X the upfront hardware and deployment costs

VDC research states that post-deployment costs as a percent of overall Total Cost of Ownership are 70% for rugged handheld devices. These so-called “soft-costs” are made up of IT support costs and productivity loss costs due to down-time. Although the failure rate for rugged devices is lower than non-rugged, their high repair costs compounded by slow repair time (30% of customers say they have experienced repairs times in excess of 1 month) cause a productivity, administrative and financial drain.

Conker’s Pioneering 3 year Relax warranty redefines Total Cost of Ownership

The first step to a lower Total Cost of Ownership begins with a strong product. Conker’s 3-year fault rate runs below 1.5% which is well below industry average.

The second step is to remove hard costs that come with repairs and replacements. We are so confident in our product that we offer accidental damage cover as standard and include batteries.

The third step is all about time. We have an industry leading SLA of 2 days and are repeatedly described by our customers as “highly responsive”. All Conker repairs are handled in house further saving you time. In fact our current running average repair time is 1.2 days.


Conker's 3 year Relax warranty offers accidental damage as standard with free repairs and replacements. Simple terms, no silly exclusions. Conker's no-quibble first rate service.

  • <2 day average repair time
  • Hassle-free accidental damage cover
  • No repair surcharges
  • No replacement surcharges
  • FREE Collect & Return (UK)

Conker's industry leading Relax warranty. Awesome is standard.

Standard 1 Year


Cover for product faults


  • 12 months
  • Covers hardware faults


Hassle Free Rugged Mobility

Low TCO assurance.
Our most popular option.


  • 36 months of hassle-free cover
  • Free Collect & Return (in the UK)
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Zero Repair surcharges
  • Zero Replacement surcharge
  • 3 day priority SLA

5 year warranty

Enterprise continuity

For businesses looking to assure their assets for 5 years, seeking environment specific SLAs or any other bespoke service level.

On request

  • Extend your warranty to 60 months
  • Bespoke options available
  • Enquire for pricing

"Conker saves us 4x the purchase price on every device. When we looked at our mobile computing costs the ‘total cost of ownership’ was massive. it was obvious that consumer devices were totally unsuitable and their warranties were just not up to the job - the downtime was horrible. The Conker Relax warranty gives us predictable costs and even our clumsiest users are back up and running with minimal downtime."

CONKER Relax Terms and Conditions | Rugged Tablet Warranty

Conker Relax is our industry leading rugged device warranty including accidental damage with no repair surcharge.


  • Batteries are covered for the duration of the warranty
  • No Exclusions for 'Wear and Tear'
  • Includes loss due to Fire and any environmental damage
  • Base software


  • "Repairs" are devices requiring a maximum of 1 major part (deemed to be any of; touch screen, LCD, motherboard, chassis)
  • "Replacements" are devices requiring more than 1 major part.

Fair use

  • Fair battery degradation (20% per year, <900 cycles)
  • Fair use limit of 1 major part per device per calendar year.
  • Relax 3 year: replacement limit of 5% of device estate annually. 30% surcharge applies thereafter.