The only thing tougher than our devices is our conker warranty. No limits, no exclusions and no awkward questions.

Only Conker's Relax warranty guarantees unlimited free repairs and unlimited fixed cost replacements for any breakdown or accidental damage including fire & theft.

We understand that you want to know the total cost of ownership; no surprises, no quibbles. When you’re covered with a Conker Relax warranty you can rest assured that ANY hardware repair will be free of charge; no limits, no excess. We even include collect and return shipping for you and your customers’ convenience because owning a Conker is meant to be hassle free.

Every product we sell is covered by our Relax 1 year Conker warranty because we believe you deserve nothing less. To lock in low operating costs for the lifetime of your product you can choose 3-year or 5-year Relax. Conker IT.

Typical Rugged device warranties and “extended care plans” such as AppleCare only cover manufacturing defects, have limits on the type and number of claims and can leave you without a working device for weeks at a time whilst your claim is investigated. Even “accidental damage cover” from the likes of Microsoft smack with a claim surcharge that equates to half the cost already paid for the warranty – That’s not how we do things at Conker.

One call to our support team and we will have you up and running again in a jiffy.

Got a warranty question? Need support for a lost or damaged device? Conker Customer Support is open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday on 01279 295 900


Every CONKER device comes with 100% Peace of Mind

  • No-quibble accidental damage cover
  • 5-day Priority repair
  • FREE Collect & Return (UK)
  • All parts and labour covered
  • Fire & theft are INCLUDED
  • It's a CONKER, just use it!

Choose from 1-year, 3-years or 5-years of the most comprehensive, cost-effective cover available in conker warranty




Included FREE on every device is our Relax 1 year Warranty. The UK’s most comprehensive standard product warranty.


  • 12 months of worry and hassle-free cover
  • Free Collect & Return (in the UK)
  • Free 'no quibble' Accidental Damage Cover
  • Guaranteed Zero Repair Charges
  • 25% Fee for Complete Replacements
  • No Exclusions for 'Wear and Tear'
  • No Repair Surcharge / Excess
  • Available on all Conker Products

Best Value

Relax 3


Lock in low operating costs with Conker Relax 3 year, our most popular option.


  • All the benefits of Relax 1 year including Accidental Damage Cover for 36 months of worry and hassle-free cover
  • PLUS receive even more comprehensive levels of cover
  • Priority SLAs
  • Reduced 20% Fee for Complete Replacements
  • Included: Fire & Theft
  • Included: Batteries for a full 36 months
  • Available on all Conker Products

Long Term Assurance



Relax Warranty for 3 Years PLUS an extended Warranty for Years 4 & 5


  • Term: 36 Months Plus 24 Months
  • All the benefits of Relax 3 year
  • Years 4-5: Covers failure due to manufacturing fault including all parts and labour
  • Reduced rate replacement option for non-manufacturing faults beyond repair
  • Excludes Batteries in years 4 and 5
  • Available on all Conker Products

"Conker saves us 4x the purchase price on every device... When we looked at our mobile computing costs the ‘total cost of ownership’ was massive. it was obvious that consumer devices were totally unsuitable and their warranties were just not up to the job - the downtime was horrible.The Conker Relax warranty gives us predictable costs and even our clumsiest users are back up and running with minimal downtime."

CONKER Relax Terms and Conditions | Rugged Android Tablet Warranty

Conker Relax is a comprehensive rugged device warranty including accidental damage and covers parts, labour and shipping.

Fair use

  • We cover batteries but allow for fair battery degradation (20% per year, <900 cycles)
  • We cover all accidents but not wilful or malicious damage, sorry
  • The cover is for hardware only, and does not cover software other than the base OS provided
  • We won't cover any damage due to hardware alteration
  • We allow 1 major part per device per calendar year (deemed to be any of; touch screen, LCD, motherboard, chassis)


  • Any device requiring more than 1 major part may require replacement at our discretion
  • Evidence must be provided for loss due to fire or theft


  • All repairs are FREE
  • Replacements with RELAX 1 will be charged at 25% of the current device sale price (or direct replacement model if no longer available).
  • Replacements with RELAX 3 will be charged at 20%
  • Replacements in years 4 & 5 will be charged at 50%


  • Collect and return shipping is free of charge to UK mainland only
  • Shipping costs outside the UK will be paid by the customer

*Terms effective from 1st January 2021. Customer with devices purchased before 2021 will have different conker warranty terms.


We built Conker as a service-first company and set a goal in 2017 to include an amazing warranty as standard with every device.

First we believe firmly in win-win. This is good for both of us. You get amazing hardware with amazing service, and for us it’s actually easier to offer amazing service than to bill you for repairs.

But in terms of our confidence in the hardware, we built a bespoke system to track every serial number, every fault, cause and solution for every customer.

We now know everything there is to know about failure…it sucks. In particular it sucks time. And it doesn’t happen too often so we wanted to back our brand with a confident promise. Relax is that promise.

Sorry, no can do. Our mission is to save businesses from tech hassle. The only way to do that is provide you with rugged devices AND amazing service. We couldn’t provide this service without rugged hardware or vice-versa.

Nothing is unbreakable. Anyone with children knows this. Non-rugged devices are 5-10x more likely to break each year. That multiplies year-on-year so the odds of a non-rugged device making it through 3 years are slim.

The point here is that rugged is “better” but it’s not “best”. You need Rugged + Relax for that.

Sure, if you’ve taken 3 year Relax. You’ll have reported the crime so if you share the crime report number we’ve got your back. Same goes for fire.

We love these stories! Driven over you tablet with a high seat forklift? Send us a picture so that we can share the story.

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