At Conker we believe in providing hassle free service

From order to delivery and beyond we would like our customers to enjoy a seamless experience. We appreciate that people are busy and as such we make sure we take them along a hassle free journey. We believe in providing our clients with hassle free rugged mobility.

We have put together a summary of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ we provide such high levels of support and service.


  • Having identified long lead and downtime as well as poor service within the market, our vision has been to reduce these. We have achieved this in this area by offering premium service with short lead and down times.
  • We only employ and utilise, highly experienced customer service and engineering teams.
  • Our reactivity and accurate stock forecasting allow us to ensure we always have devices in stock and on hand, which are ready to be dispatched.


  • We maintain this level of service by removing any hidden costs and by providing clarity and being transparent from the outset.
  • We want our clients to trust in the high quality and reliability of our devices.
  • We believe in making it quick and easy for our customers to get the desired results.


Conker offers a three day turnaround on service/repairs. 24% of rugged device buyers have experienced repair times greater then one month with other vendors.

We are able to offer this due to:

  • Accurate forecasting on devices and spares needed to complete repairs
  • Our Operations manager is Lean Six Sigma trained & uses these methodologies within our company processes to be as efficient as possible
  • We ensure we work closely with delivery partners to ensure swift collection/return of devices if repairs are needed & to deliver on time and in full

We’ve just assisted a client to reduce their downtime by 95% as a direct result of implementing our solution to their business. This was achieved as a result of our responsiveness to our client’s needs, accuracy in inventory forecasting and spare availability.

In summary not only do we offer rugged devices with supreme service levels, we are able to back this up with facts and figures.

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