Efficiently Handle Mission-Focused Rugged Conker Devices & Handhelds

Rugged MDM for Conker offers a comprehensive solution that helps organisations of any size to streamline rugged device deployment, security, maintenance, and overall operations.

Maximise the Power of your Rugged Device with Ease

Rugged Mobile Device Management, powered by Scalefusion, allows you to secure and manage endpoints including all Conker rugged handhelds, tablets, laptops, barcode scanners, POS, and other commercial devices like smartphones.

What is the purpose of using Rugged MDM?

Efficiently provision devices over the air and deploy company policies on diverse ownership models and device types for quick and seamless start-up.

Maintain data and device security at all times. Safeguard critical business data and devices from misuse, unauthorised access, and malware attacks.

Managing a large device inventory and remotely distributing business resources, apps, and content can be challenging.

Monitor devices in real-time, perform health and compliance checks, and resolve issues efficiently to ensure optimal device performance.

Ensure that your Rugged Devices are securely protected.

Effortlessly enhance your enterprise mobility policy with Rugged MDM. Streamline device management, ensure security compliance, and empower your workforce with seamless control and monitoring capabilities. Experience the ease of MDM for Conker in unlocking the full potential of your enterprise mobility strategy.

Corporate OwnedFully managed devices offer comprehensive management and control, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

KioskSingle or multi-app kiosk mode with a custom launcher, ability to control device hardware keys and navigation. Perfect for customer-facing applications.

WPCOSupport profile on corporate devices, restrict personal usage during work hours, and establish secure personal profiles for enhanced confidentiality.

Deliver your business applications to your fleet of Conker Rugged Devices

Unleash the power of your rugged devices. Elevate your productivity by installing cutting-edge business apps on your Conker Rugged Devices. Take control of app downloads, eliminate end-user reliance for installations and updates, ensuring utmost security and efficiency.

Install the remote app effortlessly with our simple installation and configuration process. Experience the convenience of remotely setting up your app with ease and efficiency. Avoid the hassle of manual installation and get up and running quickly.

You can easily manage and configure app updates with the latest features. Don’t forget, app versioning is also available for private apps, allowing you to stay in control and deliver the best user experience.

With App Config, you have the power to control and configure app settings for your custom apps. Effortlessly manage and fine-tune every aspect that suits your specific needs and preferences.

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Key Features

Simplified Deployment

Effortlessly enrol devices wirelessly and effortlessly apply policies for Android and Windows devices right out of the box. Streamline bulk device enrollment and provisioning for seamless setup with ease.

Enhanced Security

This offering includes stringent policy application, DLP policies, multiple enrollment options, real-time device location tracking, and password enforcement.

Advanced Device Monitoring

Track the precise location of your device in real time, effortlessly. Take control by setting geofences, defining virtual boundaries, and receive instant notifications whenever your device enters or exits a geofence.

Application Management

Distribute apps effortlessly with Zero Touch. Access a vast library of 500+ apps, automate IT jobs, track device vitals, and ensure compliance with ease through Scalefusion Enterprise Store.

Increased Visibility with DeepDive

Get a comprehensive view of your device inventory details, automate IT jobs effortlessly, schedule tasks for policy application, monitor device vitals, and track compliance violations—all in one place!

Job Scheduling with Workflows

Automated IT jobs eliminate the need for scripting and streamline various tasks such as job scheduling, compliance checks, and alerts for data and device usage.rebooting

Secure and Manage your Conker Rugged Devices & Handheld Computers

Explore the comprehensive and secure methods available for managing your Conker rugged devices and handheld computers. Our cutting-edge solutions provide utmost protection for your valuable assets, while maximizing operational efficiency and productivity.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with seamless device management and unlock the full potential of your Conker devices. Join us to discover the possibilities!

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