Conker partners, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Rugged tablets, smartphones, PDAs and barcode scanners announces a new, exciting partnership with VXL. The UK partnership promotes VXL’s Fusion UEM, a unified Endpoint management software, which is fully compatible with Conker’s Android and Windows devices.

“Conker’s expertise as leading Windows and Android rugged tablet, phone, and PDA supplier make them an ideal advocate for our unified endpoint management business strategy.” “Together we’re perfectly placed to take advantage of the current and projected growth in customer demand for device management software,” said Frank Noon, VP of Worldwide Sales, VXL Software.

Endpoint technology has become an everyday necessity and solution to security and reliability in the field. What sets Fusion UEM apart is the fact that it’s a truly unified endpoint management solution with the ability to manage both mobile (smartphones, tablets, PDAs) and desktop PCs and laptops.  Devices running Android, Windows 7 and 10 Professional, Windows Embedded 7, 8, and 10 IoT, Windows Mobile, Windows POS, iOS, and macOS operating systems can be all be efficiently managed from a single dashboard console.

Extremely easy to install and use, Fusion UEM is also competitively priced against comparable products and features a perpetual license solution with no monthly subscriptions. Providing complete end-to-end device management, Fusion UEM enables IT departments to easily provision devices, add updates and patches, monitor and analyze all network devices, manage access to content management systems, enhance security, and much more.

Unlike ordinary consumer tablets and smartphones, Conker provides businesses with rugged; drop-proof, waterproof, and dustproof devices. From the Construction site to the Arctic Circle, businesses rely on Conker’s rugged devices to eliminate downtime caused by broken screens or hardware.

Highly compatible with Fusion UEM unified Endpoint management software, Conker offers a range of Windows and Android tablets and smartphones (up to IP67), with optional barcode scanning, ergonomic accessories, and warranty options

James Summers, CEO of Conker said “As we extend our ability to be a solution for our customers’ technology needs, it made sense to partner with a world leader in software who can offer the same levels of solution and support as we do.  VXL has a proven track record and an enviable worldwide reputation for high-quality software for digital signage, enterprise device management, mobile device management and we are delighted to connect our customers with this success”.

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