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We produce fit-for-purpose, reliable and lasting tech solutions for our customers.

At Conker we see ourselves as an extension to what you do. Our aim is to build a partnership and really get to understand the challenges you face and how our technology can help you. We offer bespoke solutions, individually tailored to fit a very specific set of conditions – your workplace.

Over the years, Conker partnered with companies across the United Kingdom to create customer solutions that provide real customer value. These bespoke rugged devices are equipped with the best devices in the market.


"Working with CONKER was a really positive experience, we are very likely to recommend them. The follow-up and support has been fantastic, someone is always available."

- Joeri Van Duuren, IT Manager at Belven

Belven is constantly on the lookout for active partnerships that will help ensure the success of its clients and suppliers through communication and application of innovative technology.

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Rice-Fruit used rugged devices from Conker

The Rice Fruit Company

"All dealings with CONKER have more than exceeded expectations. This working across oceans was a wonderful surprise."

- Scott Hughey, IT Manager at RiceFruit

Arthur Rice established the family-run Rice Fruit Company in 1913 as a fruit packing company. They needed a device that supported Windows 10 as they run a specific device on this operating system. CONKER provided the solution with the NS6 and its accessories.

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Community Foods brand

Community Foods

”The device was exactly what we needed to enhance our operations. The reliable connectivity of the NS82 2D rugged tablet has helped to mitigate the previous connectivity issues we faced our warehouse operations.” – John, IT Manager

- John Nichols, IT Manager at Community Foods

Community Foods represents the best international health food brands, distributing exclusively within the UK. They needed a reliable device which could scan and process information. Their operations use a separate Windows 10 device and barcode scanner.

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Tees River Rescue

“The Conker SX82 proved to be the best solution for us at Tees River Rescue. This device offers a 9800 mAh battery, powerful enough to last long hours of use on the boat. It also comes with an 8-inch screen and IP65 rating which means it is waterproof and drop-proof.”

- Robert Lynas, volunteer lead at Tees River Rescue

Tees River Rescue is an independent rescue charity based on the River Tees in the North East of England. They required a reliable and robust device that could support long range communications and get consistent updates on search efforts. The team needed a rugged tablet with a big screen where rescuers could easily send messages, read maps, and communicate, they also needed a device that would work through difficult terrain, protect from water ingress, and have a good battery life.

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Shamrock Foods

"We are extremely happy with the CONKER wearables devices and would highly recommend CONKER to any company who asks."

- Miguel Sanchez-rios, IT Manager at Shamrock

Shamrock specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of quality food and food-related products through a family of companies. Shamrock led an innovative move by trialling products to help improve their business challenges. The Conker WC4 and BG2 combination proved to be the perfect solution for them.

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