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Solving Productivity And Efficiency Issues with Rugged Android

|  IN THE NEWS  |TechnologyAs more businesses are now shifting towards using cloud applications, there is a constant question of whether…


Improve productivity

How The Right Technology Can Improve Productivity

|  IN THE NEWS  |TechnologyRugged devices are one of the key solution to help businesses improve productivity. Recently, World Productivity Day was celebrated, we took a look at how rugged…


What are Wearable Rugged Devices

What are Wearable Rugged Devices?

In the past years, wearable technology is more known for its impact on the world of health and fitness. Examples are smartwatches, smart glasses, and electrocardiograms (ECGs). They can track a…


Ways Technology Is Changing

Ways Technology Is Changing The Delivery and Courier Industry

The logistics industries have changed beyond recognition in the past decade. Improvement in connectivity and growth of e-commerce play huge contributions in how this industry changed. Today, the…


Benefits of Rugged Tablets

Why Go Rugged? The Benefits of Rugged Tablets

A rugged device is a piece of equipment that functions just like any mobile device - and better. It has several advanced features which make it an excellent choice for businesses that are constantly…


So what is Rugged

So what is Rugged?

So what is Rugged When it comes to mobile devices, what does rugged mean? From a user perspective, rugged is the tablet or mobile device's ability to keep operating under all exposed working…


Rugged Devices and IP Ratings

Understanding Rugged Devices and IP Ratings

In the past decade, rugged devices have been getting the recognition it deserves. After all, these powerful tools are made to provide the right solutions to common business mobility issues. Rugged…


Coronavirus update from Conker

Coronavirus update from Conker

Coronavirus update from Conker As many of you will have read in the press, Chinese provinces accounting for more than 90% of Chinese exports have kept factories either shut or running at low capacity…


Devices Right for Your Workforce

Are Consumer Devices Right for Your Workforce?

This article is updated on May 09, 2022 - As the world has seen numerous changes rugged devices remains to be the top choice for businesses that plans to achieve digital transformation. Using mobile…


Conker and Computing Webinar

Conker and Computing Webinar: Discussing The Business Rugged Sweet Spot

Conker and Computing Webinar Conker and Computing join forces to bring you this webinar on The business-rugged sweet spot: Choosing fit-for-purpose, robust mobile devices, and service models. This…