How Rugged Windows Tablets with A Barcode Scanner Is Changing Business Operations

How Rugged Windows Tablets with Barcode Scanners Are Changing Businesses 2023

Digital transformation is a necessity for staying competitive and efficient in today’s fast-paced business environment. One technological advancement that is rapidly changing the way businesses operate is rugged Windows tablets with barcode scanners. These tablets provide a durable, portable, and versatile solution for a variety of industries, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and retail.

The significance of a rugged windows tablet for business operations cannot be overstated. Due to their sturdy design, these tablets can endure extreme conditions and tough handling, making them perfect for use in warehouses, factories, and outdoor locations. The inclusion of barcode scanners allows businesses to simplify their inventory management and tracking processes, lowering mistakes and improving productivity.

Rugged tablets with barcode scanners are increasingly important for industries undergoing digital transformation. They are essential tools for collecting and analysing real-time data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and streamline their operations. These versatile devices have a wide range of applications, from inventory management and logistics to field service and retail, making them invaluable assets to businesses in numerous sectors.

In this article, we will explore the advantages, applications, and challenges of rugged Windows tablets with barcode scanners. We will also examine real-world case studies of successful implementation and discuss the future potential of this technology. Overall, it is clear that a rugged tablet with barcode scanners is a game-changer for businesses looking to stay ahead in today’s digital age.

Advantages of rugged Windows tablets with barcode scanners

A Rugged Windows tablet with a barcode scanner offers several advantages over traditional computers or handheld devices.

Durability and reliability

Rugged tablets are designed to endure harsh settings, drops, and spills. They frequently have an IP rating for resistance to water and dust, and they can function in extreme temperatures. This sturdiness and dependability make them perfect for use in demanding surroundings where other devices may not survive.

The best rugged tablets are designed to endure extreme temperatures and withstand tough handling in busy environments. They are equipped with features such as moisture protection, waterproofing, and reinforced screens to ensure durability. For businesses operating in challenging environments, a rugged tablet with robust processing power can provide the necessary support.

Portability and mobility

A Rugged tablet is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around on the job. These tablets often come with a range of mounting and carrying options, such as hand straps, shoulder straps, and vehicle mounts. This portability and mobility enable workers to move around freely while still having access to critical data. In the supply chain industry, for example, mobility is a crucial element to ensure success. When your employees can take their rugged tablet with them wherever they go, it enables them to quickly adapt to changing conditions and provide valuable input.

Barcode scanning capabilities

A rugged tablet comes equipped with a built-in barcode scanner or can be paired with an external scanner. This allows workers to scan barcodes quickly and easily, without the need for additional equipment. Barcode scanning enables businesses to track inventory, monitor production processes, and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Battery life

The best rugged tablets have long battery life, enabling workers to use them for an entire shift without needing to recharge. Some tablets even have hot-swappable batteries, allowing for continuous use.

Customization and compatibility

Rugged tablets are often customizable, with options for additional ports, accessories, and software. They can also be integrated with existing systems, such as warehouse management software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This compatibility and customization make them a flexible and versatile solution for businesses.

Picking Out The Correct Operating System For Your Business Operations

When it comes to choosing a rugged tablet for business use, selecting the right operating system is crucial. The OS serves as the foundation for all software applications and hardware components on the device and can have a significant impact on the tablet’s performance, security, and overall usability.

For businesses, it’s important to choose an operating system that is reliable, secure, and compatible with their existing systems and software. One popular OS for rugged tablets is Windows, which offers several benefits for businesses, including:

Familiarity and compatibility

Many businesses already use Windows-based software and systems, making a Windows tablet a natural choice for compatibility and ease of integration. Windows also provides users with a familiar interface, minimizing the amount of time required to learn how to use it and allowing employees to be more productive right away.

Robust security features

Windows provides a range of security features, including data encryption, secure boot, and built-in antivirus software. This can help businesses protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Flexibility and customization

Windows tablets offer a high degree of customization, allowing businesses to tailor the device to their specific needs. This includes the ability to install custom software and configure the device settings to optimize performance.

Wide range of software options

Windows has a vast ecosystem of software applications, including enterprise-level software such as Microsoft Office and SAP. This enables businesses to run a variety of software on their rugged tablets, improving efficiency and productivity. One of the best reasons why Windows is a good choice for your business is its universality. According to Gartner, Windows still holds 83% market share for personal computers. This OS is flexible and intuitive making it easy for your teams to manage their preferred applications.

Why Use a Barcode Scanner?

Since their creation, barcode scanners have been an essential part of modern life, with applications in countless areas that often go unnoticed. These codes are so ingrained in our daily routines that we may not even be aware of how frequently we encounter them.

Barcode scanners are used across a wide range of devices that we use daily, and many businesses now rely on this technology to operate efficiently. Barcodes have become a valuable asset in many industries, enabling real-time tracking of goods, inventory management, and enhancing customer experiences.

The versatility and reliability of barcode technology have allowed it to become an essential component of modern-day life. Its applications range from tracking parcels during delivery to improving healthcare systems, with barcode scanners offering an efficient and accurate way to collect and manage data.

  1. Increased Efficiency
    Humans are not perfect, therefore, errors can easily happen when recording information and tracking items like inventory and expenses. Additionally, if a person wants to find out about the history of a product on a shelf, it can be laborious to dig through thousands of files. Barcodes can easily help you find items where they are. They are the best way to collect, store and retrieve data in a matter of seconds.
  2. Save Time
    Before the advent of barcodes, inventory management involved using a lot of manpower to write or input numbers manually. This process was time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors. Barcode technology has revolutionized this process, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently with fewer staff. Scanning a barcode makes inventory management much simpler, as all the necessary information is contained within the code. This eliminates the need for physical counting and logging of items by hand.
  3. Reduce Mistakes
    Barcode scanners can effectively eliminate the risk of human error. When data is entered manually, errors can easily occur. However, by using a barcode scanner, you can obtain accurate and quick data in a fraction of the time it would take to enter it manually. Additionally, scanning barcodes allows for easy updates to data and information storage.
  4. Less Training Needed
    A barcode system reduces employee training time. It takes very little time to master how to use a barcode scanner. Additionally, your employees do not need to become familiar with an entire pricing procedure or inventory.
  5. Reduce Liability
    Barcodes can provide asset and security tracking. They are one of the best ways companies can keep their peace of mind as they can effectively reduce loss and liability.

Reasons To Get A Rugged Tablet

In today’s market, there are various options available when it comes to barcode scanner brands. However, one brand that is gradually becoming a popular choice among companies is rugged Windows devices with built-in barcode scanners.

Rugged Windows devices are reliable and versatile, making them a preferred tool for many businesses. There are numerous advantages that rugged Windows tablets can offer to your business. For instance, you no longer need to worry about downtime due to tools getting damaged. A rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner eliminates the need for multiple tools and can perform various tasks with ease. This not only helps you save on costs but also enhances productivity and strengthens your company’s technological infrastructure.

Improve your productivity

Improved productivity is crucial, especially in fast-paced business environments. For instance, in a retail store, you wouldn’t want your employees to be constantly preoccupied with their barcode scanners and mobile devices. In this case, a rugged Windows tablet with a built-in 2D barcode scanner is the optimal choice for an all-in-one device.

A significant disadvantage of using regular barcode scanners is that they can break down unexpectedly, causing major problems for businesses that require consistent and reliable operations. In the warehousing industry, a malfunctioning barcode scanner can cause a backlog of work for everyone involved. This is where rugged tablets come in – they are built to last and perform even in the harshest conditions. With a rugged device, downtime is no longer a concern. No matter what kind of environment you need the barcode scanner for, a rugged tablet will work at full capacity.

A rugged tablet is also drop-tested, which means it is protected against hard knocks or accidental drops. This is the perfect device to use in industries where employees operate in a busy environment.

Utilise A Top Operating System

A rugged Windows tablet with an integrated barcode scanner offers the convenience of having a full computer in your hand. This can bring great benefits to your team, especially when it comes to scanning and storing items in real time.

There are many reasons to consider a Windows 10 device. It is a highly versatile operating system that offers regular bi-annual updates with new features and support. This means you can expect more from your device and take advantage of its full potential.

Industries that Can Take Advantage of Rugged Windows Devices with A Barcode Scanner

You will generally find barcodes in retail stores or in warehouses where it is necessary to track large inventories. However, there are numerous other possibilities and a range of sectors that barcodes can support. Having a barcode scanner for your rugged Windows tablets will improve the way you deliver your products and services.

There are several types of barcodes and the most common are the linear and QR codes. Linear codes are typically subdivided further depending on the kind of business and data that you want to store. For example, most warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution companies use a linear barcode with an interleaving of 2 and 5. On the other hand, book publishers use the International Article Number (EAN) linear codes to trace and locate books.

The Quick Response (QR) Code which has been getting more and more attention over the last decade is another type of barcode. QR codes are gaining popularity as marketing tools that allow you to link web-based information.

Hospitality Sector – Events, Movies, and Travel

Barcodes are widely used in various industries, including events, movie theatres, and the travel sector. They are used to scan tickets and ensure a smooth customer experience. Barcode scanners are used to authenticate the validity of tickets before customers can enter a venue. In the travel industry, most airlines also use barcodes to confirm that the customer is boarding the correct flight.

Barcodes are also helpful in counting the sales generated for a particular event. This means that your employees can focus on providing better customer service instead of keeping track of the tickets. Using a rugged device with a barcode scanner allows you to easily store all the information in your system. This can reduce the time spent on creating reports and enable your employees to be more productive.

Warehouse, Delivery Fleet, Retail, and Manufacturing

Barcode technology is commonly used in industries such as warehouses, delivery fleets, retail, and manufacturing. Rugged Windows devices provide a solution to the wear and tear that employees’ tools may experience in these environments.

Health and Education

Rugged Windows devices with barcode scanners can also be incredibly useful in healthcare and education. In healthcare, they can be used to track inventory, medications, and patient information, while in education, they can be used to track student attendance, equipment loans, and library book checkouts. The versatility of these devices makes them a valuable asset to any industry.

A Range of Industries Using QR Codes

Nowadays, QR codes have become the most commonly used type of barcode. These square-shaped codes were invented in Japan and are utilised across a range of industries, from loyalty cards to bus tickets. The main advantage of QR codes is that they can directly link customers to online information. However, to read QR codes, a 2D scanner is required.

Compared to regular barcodes, 2D barcodes are capable of storing more information in various languages. They can also contain resources such as a URL, making it easier for customers to navigate to a particular website. Conker’s rugged devices come equipped with the best built-in 2D barcode scanners available on the market. This means that your employees can use the most powerful tool out there, and any scanned information will be automatically stored in the system in real time.

Get to know how barcode scanning technology can improve business operations in a previous article we posted.

How To Choose The Right Barcode Scanners

It is crucial for industries that heavily rely on barcode scanners to ensure they are using the right tool for their daily operations. Sectors such as retail, warehouse, hospitality, and education can greatly benefit from barcode technology.

With technology evolving rapidly, these industries need to keep up with the latest advancements. For instance, retail distribution facilities are now shifting towards a more technology-based operation, where barcode scanners and computers are used to track and manage inventory. However, using multiple devices simultaneously can negatively impact productivity.

Traditional Barcode Scanners Versus Rugged Windows Devices with Barcode Scanners

Traditional barcode scanners are single-purpose devices and can scan items compared to multi-purpose devices. These scanners are often industry-specific and are used to read data in warehouses. They are also less expensive, making them the go-to choice for most warehouses.

On the other hand, rugged Windows devices with built-in barcode scanners can revolutionize the way you operate. They can help modernize your processes and bridge the gap between traditional and advanced technologies. Unlike regular mobile phones, the built-in scanners in rugged devices are specifically designed for scanning purposes.

Pick The Ones That Has A Powerful Operating System

Conker’s NS6 is a perfect example of a fully Windows 10 rugged tablet with a built-in barcode scanner. These devices come equipped with high-end barcode scanners such as Honeywell scanners. Additionally, since these devices run on the full Windows 10 operating system, they can be installed with some of the most user-friendly and well-known tools available for your employees.

Rugged Tablets and Devices Bring Better Durability

One of the key advantages of rugged devices is their durability, which makes them ideal for use in industries where regular devices are vulnerable to damage from machinery movement, heat, water, dust, and drops. Unlike standard devices, rugged devices are built to withstand these harsh conditions, making them a sound investment for any business that requires long-term use of their equipment.

Made To Be Compatible with a Range of Software

Ensuring that your warehouse is equipped with the latest technology is essential to keeping up with the fast-paced industry. Choosing the right tools and devices, such as a barcode scanner, can make a significant difference in your business operations. It is important to consider the type of barcode scanner that you are using, especially for industries that handle large inventories like warehouses, retail, and manufacturing.

By using a rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner, you can expect your device to be compatible with different advanced software, making it a valuable investment in the long run. With top-of-the-market barcode scanners like Honeywell and built-in 2D scanners, your employees can easily scan a variety of barcode types. Additionally, a rugged device is built to last, making it the best choice for industries that are exposed to machinery movement, heat, water, dust, and drops.

Overall, choosing a rugged Windows device with a barcode scanner is a smart investment that can improve your employees’ productivity, reduce costs, and streamline your inventory management process.

Conker Windows Rugged Tablets

Conker is a UK-based technology company that specializes in creating rugged Windows tablets that are built to withstand harsh environments. Our products are ideal for industries such as warehousing, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and education.

Conker’s Windows rugged tablets are designed to provide reliability and durability, even in extreme conditions. These devices are resistant to water, dust, and drops, ensuring that they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This makes them an excellent investment for businesses that want to ensure that their technology can handle the rigors of the workplace.

Conker’s Windows rugged tablets are equipped with top-of-the-line hardware and software. They are powered by Full Windows 10, which provides access to a wide range of software applications that are compatible with Microsoft Office and other productivity tools. This means that businesses can easily integrate Conker tablets into their existing systems without any compatibility issues.

Another key feature of Conker’s Windows rugged tablets is their built-in barcode scanners. These scanners are capable of reading both linear and 2D barcodes, making them useful for a wide range of industries. They are also built to be fast and accurate, ensuring that businesses can quickly and efficiently track inventory and manage assets.

Conker’s Windows rugged tablets come in a range of sizes and specifications, allowing businesses to choose the device that best meets their needs. They are also customizable, with options for additional features such as GPS, 4G connectivity, and more.

Overall, Conker’s Windows rugged tablets are an excellent choice for businesses that need a reliable, durable, and versatile device for their daily operations. With their top-of-the-line hardware, software, and barcode scanning capabilities, these tablets are a valuable asset for any business looking to improve its productivity and efficiency.

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Conker NS6 and NS6 Pay Review

Conker NS6 and NS6 Pay Review – The Best Rugged Windows Handheld in the Market

Conker NS6 and NS6 Pay Review

When it comes to the best rugged Windows handheld in the market, Conker NS6 and NS6 Pay have it all. UK-based Tablet Technologies recently relaunched this powerful device to meet the demands of companies for tech and mobility. Packed with excellent features, this rugged windows tablet could be the best investment for your business.

If you are looking for a Windows handheld device, you will likely find plenty of them in the market. After all, many manufacturers are cashing in on using Windows as the operating system to support business operations. The difference the Conker NS6 brings to the table is its robust external hardware. This means your team can continue using the device no matter where or what.

What Are Rugged Devices?

Rugged devices have been making a name for themselves in numerous industries in recent years. These devices are tech tools that are designed to stand the toughest environments. As a result, rugged devices are the perfect device choice for a range of industries. This includes companies that operate in harsh areas like mining, military, construction, delivery, retail, health, and more.

The difference that a rugged device provides is that it is made to last. A true rugged tablet or mobile device must be able to demonstrate its durability in both field and laboratory testing. Therefore, for a device to be considered “rugged” must meet a minimum of IP54. Higher IP ratings mean better protection from dust, water, shock, and even pressure.

Conker NS6 Rugged Windows Handheld

The newly revamped Conker NS6 and it’s slightly different version NS6 Pay includes amazing features that will help your business become truly mobile and tech-ready.

The Smallest Rugged Windows Handheld of 2020

When it comes to size, Conker NS6 rules. First of all, the new Conker NS6 is small and compact compared to any other rugged Windows handheld in the market. As a consequence, the device is easy to bring anywhere. If you want the smallest and lightest Windows device, Conker NS6 will deliver. This tool offers a portrait phablet format that is a true one-hand-held and fits easily in the pocket.

Here is a side by side comparison of a regular iPhone versus the Conker NS6

Secondly, this robust rugged Windows tablet comes in at 185x 93 x 20mm, which means it is the size of your typical consumer mobile phone. It weights at 380 grams a little heavier but it makes up with a powerful performance and truly rugged hardware.

Thirdly, this device features a 6″ display, which is huge for a typical handheld. The device comes with a 1280 x 720 resolution so you will get 245 pixels per inch. Which means the “retina” territory is very sharp.

Finally, the interface runs via capacitive multi-touch. That means if your team uses gloves while working, you can expect that they can easily access the apps that they need. Conker NS6 screen is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass for extra strength. Its IPS display is bright (430 nits), which allows perfect viewing angles.

Specifications of Conker NS6

 Specifications Conker NS6
Type Rugged WindowsHandheld
Processor Quad-core Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8350
CPU Speed 1.44GHz (1.92GHz burst)
Storage 64GB eMMC
OS Windows 10 Home or Enterprise LTSB/CBB
Graphics Intel
Expansion slots 1 x Micro SDXC (max 128GB), 1 x micro SIM
Display type IPS TFT with LED backlight (430 nits) with Gorilla Glass
Display size/res 6.0-inch 1280 x 720 pixel (245 ppi)
Digitizer/pens 10-point capacitive multi-touch
Keys Power, volume up/down, barcode trigger, Windows key
Housing Plastic with rubber boot
Operating Temp 14° to 122°F (-10° to 50°C)
Sealing IP67
Drop 4 feet
Size (WxHxD) 7.3 x 3.7 x 0.83 inches (185 x 93 x 21 mm)
Weight 13.4 ounces (380 grams)
Power Removable, rechargeable 3.7V/5,000mAH, 18.5 whr
Interface 1 x micro USB (power + OTG), 1 x 3.5mm audio, 1 x 4-pin pogo dock
Cameras 2.0 MP (front), 8.0 MP (rear)
Scanner Optional: Motorola 1D SE655E, Honeywell 2D N3680
Sensors Accelerometer, ambient light, gyroscope, e-compass
Wireless Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, 3G WWAN, uBlox NEO-7 (GPS/GLONASS, QZSS)


Windows 10 in Your Fingertips

Windows 10 is one of the most powerful operating systems. Unfortunately, because Windows 10 is a huge and fairly heavy OS there are not a lot of choices when it comes to a handheld that runs on this OS. It is even rarer in the rugged device arena to find a device that runs on Windows 10. Conker has successfully brought this OS into your fingertips within a robust handheld device which is the NS6.

The Conker NS6 runs the full version of Windows 10 – an amazing feat for a small device. Imagine enjoying a full laptop experience in a small compact device. It allows you to pull all your data together on all your Windows 10 devices.

Having said that, it is important to look at the benefits of having a Windows 10 device at your fingertips.


Enjoy a familiar interface

A windows 10 handheld bridges the gap between a desktop experience and a touch-optimised device. This means anyone familiar with using a desktop will be able to transition fast when using a Windows 10 tablet. Your team should be able to take advantage of existing product features and allows you to use modern apps that run on any desktop.

One Universal Windows Experience

Windows 10 is a choice of many companies because it delivers as one. It has one security model, one comprehensive app platform, one management approach and one deployment method across several devices. The universal experience makes it easier to put all your data and work together. That means whether you want to integrate the information from your office’s computers, your laptop, and into your mobile phone you can have it all.

Windows can support a range of software. This means if your company requires specific software, you can easily integrate it into your device.

Advance Management and Security 

Another good reason to choose a rugged Windows 10 handheld for your operations is that it offers the most comprehensive security and management. Windows 10 has a range of security and identity protection that will help ensure data security when moving information from one device to another. Furthermore, you can add additional applications to provide an added layer of security to your data and information.

Improve Device Management 

Windows 10 allows users to continue enjoying unique features such as Active Directory and System Center. This enables total control over different Windows devices. The new operating system has device fixed-mobile device management features, as well as, cloud-base capabilities just like in a regular laptop and desktop.

Innovate Continuously 

Windows 10 reduces the need for time-consuming and expensive updates to an OS deployment. This OS is compatible with a range of existing apps and also has new tools.

Run Legacy Apps

A Windows 10 OS allows companies to run proprietary software that you have made specifically for your company. It is easy because your programmers do not need to worry if their work is compatible with all the devices.

Compatible with Oracle Simphony 

The Oracle Simphony is an enterprise, point-of-sale software platform that allows businesses to support tap and pay features on their devices. Simphony improves operational efficiency by allowing centralized menu management, mobile ordering while streamlining integrations to the latest technologies.

The integration of Oracle Simphony into the Conker NS6 Pay makes it an even better rugged Windows handheld. This means the tool can support a range of industries like health, hospitality, retail, warehouse, and delivery.


Converting your devices means you can also adapt operations to the “new normal”. As the world grasps the aftermath of the 2020 health crisis, many businesses are now adopting no-touch or limited touch transactions. A tap and pay feature means you can accept payment from customers without needing to hold the credit card.

Benefits of the Oracle Simphony

For companies operating in the hospitality and retail industries, Oracle Simphony provides a huge list of advantages. Here are some of the features to look forward to:

  • Features consistent offline capabilities
  • Completely integrated for enhanced precision and customer service
  • Improves retail or kitchen communication and efficiency
  • Features Cloud-based suitability including allowing companies to remotely access analytics and real-time reports
  • Supports Mobile POS, complete with mobile payment, digital menu boards, and online ordering
  • Easier and precise cash management capabilities
  • Features a conversational ordering platform and a fluid workflow
  • Efficient and reliable kitchen management
  • A rich user interface keeps customers engaged with live content
  • Supports a range of mobile payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Multiple hardware options with Mobile-enabled capabilities

Outside and Inside Features of Conker NS6

When choosing the best-rugged device for your company, it is important to see how it performs both outside and inside.


Conker NS6 is quite rugged. It is manufactured with the toughest materials to withstand constant use and exposure to various conditions. This device comes with an IP67 rating which means it can withstand most dust, dirt, water, and shock. An Ingress Protection rating this much means it can withstand being drop unto concrete from a height of 4 feet. It can also handle being immersed in metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Finally, it can stay working with a wide operating temperature range of 12 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 to 50 degrees Celsius). Nevertheless, even with these insane rugged specs, you can enjoy a sleek and clean overall design and finish.

Conker NS6 Performance 

Given that this device is the ultimate rugged Windows handheld, it is important to understand its performance. Most full Windows 10 devices are desktops, laptops or at least full-size tablets. Therefore, having a full Windows 10 in your pocket is truly amazing and a feat not many companies can achieve.

Many other companies have tried but inevitably failed because Windows 10 simply takes too much space and memory. As a result, most rugged Windows handheld cannot run smoothly or experience lag. Conker NS6 changes this by adding larger RAM and storage.

Conker NS6 is the ultimate pocket-size computer that can hold its performance versus many traditional Windows tablets from mainstream vendors.


Conker NS6 uses a 5000 mAH battery comparable to most of the latest commercial Android devices in the market today. This enormous battery life means you can enjoy using it for a day for undisrupted content consumption, calls, or connections. This added feature makes it a great tool for companies that have long working hours or those that operate in shifts.

Battery life is important because it means convenience especially if your operations do not have easy access to charging stations all day. Having a reliable battery that can stay on even with multiple apps on at the same time is crucial to ensure that there is minimal downtime.


Audio for your handheld device is a good added feature in case you need to contact your employees while they are on the job. And to meet all the rugged requirements, Conker NS6 comes with a waterproof, built-in microphone and speaker.

Excellent cameras

Like most of the mobile phones and tablets in the market today, Conker NS6 comes with reliable cameras to help deliver rich and crisp images at all times. This device comes with a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera.

Cameras are crucial in many industries especially if needing to take photos of areas, items, or services delivered. With a reliable camera in a Windows 10 device, you can put all your information or data in one place.

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Industrial-grade barcode scanner 

Probably one of the most important features is that Conker NS6 comes with is an industrial-grade barcode scanner. While it is true that companies can always download an app to scan items from their smartphones but scanning will use the phone’s camera.

Unfortunately, a mobile phone camera is not made to be a scanner. Conker equipped NS6 with scan engines that will allow you to accurately scan and store information.

Additional items 

Conker NS6 is suited for additional tools like a stylus to allow you to enjoy convenience. For example, certain industries rely on using a stylus to accept signatures – consider delivery and warehouse management.

Choosing the right rugged device for your business

When choosing a rugged device, it is important that you know what your specific needs are. While rugged devices have been making names in many industries, it is not as popular as a regular commercial device. Therefore, it is important to understand the simple “ruggedness” terms and features.

Battery Life 

Battery life is important because your entire device depends on a good battery to operate. Because of the “rugged” feature, many sellers of tough phones are unable to include an external battery. As a result, many rugged devices have low battery life. Conker NS6 changes this completely by adding the latest in the industry. This means not compromising anything and allowing companies to enjoy continuous use.

IP Rating 

As mentioned before, IP Rating is crucial if you want to make sure your device is rugged. Ingress Protection is an international standard that classifies the degree of protection versus intrusions of solid items like sand or dust, accidental contact, and water during electrical contact. This standard aims to provide users with detailed information of what a certain device has to offer.

IP rating typically includes the letters IP and two numbers. To be considered “rugged” a device must have at least an IP rating of 54.

The Bottom Line with Conker NS6

If you are looking for the ultimate Rugged Windows Handheld, you will love everything about the Conker NS6. It includes all the “rugged” features that you are looking for in a mobile device but also the powerful Windows 10 operating system. Imagine bringing your laptop or desktop right inside your pocket whenever and wherever.

Conker NS6 comes with a reliably bright 6-inch and capacitive multi-touch display allowing perfect viewing angles. This feature allows your employees to use the device even when outdoors. Along with an improved RAM and storage capacity, you can enjoy a full Windows 10 performance at all times. The additional feature which includes a tap and pays feature allows for some sectors like retail, hospitality, delivery and warehouse management to take full advantage of this device.


windows ce

Is Windows CE Still Supported in 2023

Windows CE systems have dominated the mobility market for decades. Companies across different industries rely on this operating system to improve their operations. Recently, however, Microsoft stopped developing more updates for this system.

Discover how Conker customers are easing migration by retaining Windows in their ecosystem.

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Windows Embedded Compact (previously known as Windows CE) is a real-time operating system developed by Microsoft for small, resource-constrained devices such as handheld computers, industrial controllers, and embedded systems. It is a modular, component-based operating system designed to be customizable, allowing developers to create tailored solutions for specific hardware configurations and use cases.

Windows Embedded Compact provides a variety of features, including a small footprint, support for various processor architectures, real-time capabilities, and a range of connectivity options. It also includes development tools and APIs to simplify the creation of custom applications and services.

According to Microsoft windows developers, it will cease all platforms that support Windows CE. As a result, Windows CE 6.0 end of life happened in 2018, and on January 14, 2020, Windows Mobile 6.5 end-of-life occurred. This means companies who are still using Windows CE will see an end to security updates and patches.

Old Windows CE Devices

A Quick Review On Windows CE

Windows CE is a core operating system developed by Microsoft that is designed for minimalistic devices such as smartphones, handheld computers, and other embedded systems. The first version, Windows CE 1.0, was released in 1996. Microsoft licenses Windows CE to hardware manufacturers who can then develop devices that meet the minimum hardware specifications required to run the operating system. Developers can use Windows Phone Developer Tools and a Windows CE Software Development Kit to create Windows CE apps that can run on devices. Windows CE allows developers to create their own user interfaces and tailor the user experience to their needs.

Why Migrate from Microsoft Windows CE OS To Another Operating System?

Migrating your Windows CE OS to a completely different OS which will ensure that your business gets the support that it needs. However, if you are using legacy software with native applications, you may be forced to try other operating systems that work with Rugged Tablets and PDAs. You may also want to consider migrating to an open-source operating system such as Android, Linux, or even iOS that offers greater flexibility, scalability, and potential for customizations.

The Business Risk of Sticking With Windows CE Kernel

Sticking with Windows CE can pose a significant risk to businesses that rely on the operating system for their mobility needs. With Microsoft ending support for Windows CE, companies that continue to use the operating system will no longer receive security updates and patches, leaving them vulnerable to cyber threats.

This is especially concerning for businesses that operate in industries that require high levels of security, such as healthcare and finance. Hackers can easily exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software, exposing sensitive data and putting patients and customers at risk.

Another risk will be for businesses that require high productivity and efficiency. Without access to the latest features and updates and only following minimum hardware specifications, businesses may experience slower performance, increased downtime, and difficulty integrating with new technologies.

Conker NS6 Productivity Anytime And Anywhere

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading To Another Operating System?

Upgrading from Windows CE to another operating system can provide a wide range of benefits. Upgrading to a higher version of Windows can help increase the performance, security, and stability of your system. It can also offer new features that weren’t available on the old OS. Additionally, upgrading to an open-source OS may provide access to more apps and greater flexibility in terms of customizations and scalability.

End of Life of Windows CE

An End-of-Life status indicates that a mobile device will no longer receive security and software patch updates. It does not mean that the device will stop working it simply means users will have to use legacy software to continue running. As mentioned above, companies that will continue to use legacy operating systems will be vulnerable to bugs and defenseless against viruses.

Windows CE Migration Hurdles

Migrating from Windows CE to a newer operating system can be a challenging process for businesses, particularly those that rely on legacy software and hardware designed to support the WinCE system. One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is compatibility. Many companies are still using older Windows Mobile devices that only support Windows CE, making it difficult to migrate to a newer operating system without replacing the entire device.

Another hurdle is data migration, which can involve data conversion, restructuring, or cleansing to ensure that all data is properly transferred to the new operating system without any loss. Additionally, some businesses may need to physically install a Windows CE port on their device to enable it to support other Microsoft operating systems.

Businesses must also consider the cost of migrating to a newer operating system, which can include purchasing new hardware and software licenses, investing in employee training and education, and upgrading existing systems. While migrating to a newer operating system can provide benefits such as improved security, performance, and compatibility, the cost must be carefully weighed against the benefits.

It’s worth noting that Windows CE conforms to a different set of standards compared to other operating systems by Microsoft, so it may require some modifications to ensure compatibility with newer systems. Nonetheless, upgrading from Windows CE to a newer operating system can provide significant benefits for businesses, including improved performance and access to a wider range of software applications.

One potential solution for businesses looking to upgrade from Windows CE is to consider rugged devices such as the Conker NS6, which runs on Windows Pro and provides a stable, reliable, and easy-to-use alternative to Windows CE. Regardless of the solution chosen, businesses must develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the unique challenges of migrating from Windows CE and provides the necessary support for a successful transition.

The end of life for Windows CE has become a serious worry for different industries. For example, in healthcare services – medical devices are widely used and rely on Windows CE. These medical devices run on software that is designed for collecting, storing, and transmitting data from one device to another. As these devices play a major role in patient care, it is crucial to find the right upgrade from Windows CE.

But why should EOL for Windows CE be a constant source of problems for your business when you have the option to upgrade your OS or device?

What are your options – The CONKER NS6

Rugged devices notably handhelds previously operated with the Windows CE operating system, Conker’s flagship 6-inch NS6 device combined with the updated Windows Pro operating system known for its stability, reliability, and ease of use, has filled the void previously occupied by now discontinued Windows CE rugged devices. Read more about how Windows CE gets a new life with the Rugged Conkers NS6 Windows Handheld. 

Download Your Guide To Modernizing Your Windows CE Systems With Rugged Devices

Choosing the right rugged device is crucial, especially if you’re planning to improve business efficiency. After all, you want a device that can handle business demands and will ultimately help in improving productivity.

Our guide will help you choose the right rugged device to cut costs for your teams and the industry you work in.

Modernize Your Windows CE with Rugged Devices
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  • How to save £1000's on annual running costs
  • How to improve safety and Boost productivity
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CONKER NS6 2D Tablet | with Barcode Scanner

Conker NS6 2D

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Conker NS6

  • 6" Windows Tablet
  • 10-point Capacitive Touch
  • IP65 Rated
  • 5,000 mAh Battery
  • 1280 x 720 Resolution