Kirktonholme Group Case Study: How a partnership provided the ‘Nursery Technology Solution’

Kirktonholme Childcare is a family-owned nursery group based in Scotland. Having opened its first nursery 25 years ago, the Early Learning and Childcare group has grown from strength-to-strength and now runs 11 nursery groups across Scotland including settings at Airdrie, Ayr, Canniesburn, Coatbridge, East Kilbride, Govan, Newton Mearns, Piccolo, Shettleston, Tollcross and Wishaw.

The Early Learning Group’s high level of quality childcare has not gone unnoticed, having received accreditations including Best Nursery Group and Best Indoor Learning Environment in 2015 (Nursery Management Today Awards).

The Vicious Repair & Replace Cycle

As recognised leaders in the Early Years Foundation Stage sector, Kirktonholme Childcare understood that in order to fully optimise learning and development, efficiency must be harnessed through the means of technology in order to increase levels of productivity.

Managers and Practitioners at the nurseries were becoming tired of their old and inefficient IT equipment; their tablets and mobile devices were breaking easily or becoming prematurely obsolete. Kirktonholme would “spent hundreds of pounds at a time” buying IT equipment that didn’t meet their requirements and were “only getting about 6 months of use before breaking again”.

The result of which would be a “pile of 5-10 broken Huddles and tablet devices at each setting”. Paying for repairs or replacement devices would simply not be a sustainable or efficient option, for it to just happen over and over again (we call this the Vicious Repair & Replace Cycle).

What Kirktonholme Childcare needed was a durable, reliable hardware solutions, paired with a cost-effective payment plan.

Two Heads (or Partners) Are Better than One!

The beauty of the solution that was provided to Kirktonholme is that is was made possible as a result of two partnering companies working together to serve the customer and reach a common goal.

Whilst Conker was able to provide the durable tablet solutions, InnoVentIT subscription partner, provided the Nursery Group with a manageable and secure subscription plan for the devices.

1. The Tough Tablets

Conker matched Kirktonholme Childcare with the ST80, an 8” Android tablet that is built to withstand the rigours of the workplace – even if the workplace is a classroom. The IP67 rated tough tablet is equipped with Android 7.0 operating system, an Octa-core processor and 8MP camera – allowing for interactive learning and observational management to take place with greater efficiency.

Ideal for little hands and Nursery Practitioners alike.

2. The Subscription Plan

Implementing technology to encourage interactive learning into nurseries can prove costly and often challenging, InnoVent were able to provide the Kirktonholme Group with 16 conker ST80 tablets for just £3 a week per unit, on a 3 year subscription.

The overall solution was fit-for-purpose and cost-effective – precisely what the nursery required.

The Outcome

“Even though we (the Kirktonholme Group) never really considered, or even thought about subscribing, it turns out that subscribing to IT equipment works perfectly for our Groups’ business model… It’s all about the cost of usage and the fact that we don’t have to think about breakages, replacements, and so on… InnoVent take the reins on that.”

-Sarah Kelly, Nursery Manager

  • As a result of the partnership, Conker and InnoVent has been able to save the Kirktonholme Group “hundreds on repairs and new purchases with a price point of £3 per unit per week”.
  • The Group’s management team is now “comfortable and confident that the Rugged Tablets are going to stand the test of time… they are rugged and hard enough that they won’t break within weeks”.
  • The partnership’s quick and easy Nursery Technology Solution subscription has also saved the Group’s practitioners time and effort”.

This case is a perfect example of how combining partnership forces can provide the customer with an augmented solution. This solution would not have been available if the two parties had not worked together in serving the customer, emphasising the real power of a partnership.