Conker have been reviewing customer requirements and developing a Body Cam solution for some time now and we’re almost ready to release a product and solution to market. Here are the results of our research from our customer based and how we’re responding with features at launch.

Body Cams Are Coming

Body Cams Are Coming

Research findings

72% of businesses prefer using android over any other operating system for their mobile devices.

Scheduled product features

At launch we will be focussing on a solution with a good amount of local storage and no 4G-cellular connection. This reduces the unit cost significantly.

Further, this setup requires that “depots” download data daily. To more easily facilitate this important “offline” step we’ve developed a 10-port docking station + computer software that will download camera data from ALL units.

The two most highly request features were GPS (65% of respondants) and WiFi (56% of respondants)

Both features will be included as standard at launch.

We asked a tricky quesiton about constant recording vs. manual activation. 56% of respondants prefer manual activation.

We’ve made activation buttons clear and simple on the device and LEDs indicate device activity.

The big question was hour many operating hours you would need a device to run for. The range we received was broad to say the least from 4 to a less realistic 168 (that’s 7 days).

On reflection we were unclear about recording time vs. standby but it became apparent that most people would need the cameras to operate for longer than a normal working shift. The median answer was 12 hours.

At the time battery size vs. device size was limiting us to around 6 hours recording. We have since bumped the battery up significantly and combined with a low power Linux system we are achieving up to 15 hours recording time! Additionally a full charge can be achieved in 3.5 hours.

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