A versatile device

Best from their Android Tablet, Tablets are fast becoming the perfect device for those of us who need something more substantial and more user-friendly than a phone but is something more portable and versatile than a traditional laptop. They allow open opportunities for us to work efficiently while on the go and with the right use of apps can be as useful as a PC. Although this technology has been around for years now, many of us – especially businesses – are not using tablets to their best advantage. To help you get the best use out of your Android tablet, we have compiled a shortlist of different methods you can implement to make tablet technology work for you and your business.

Stay connected

The plethora of cloud storage at our fingertips can be overwhelming – but with the UK boasting the most data centers in Europe, with a total of 840,000 square meters of data centre space, our healthy digital economy continues to grow. Cloud storage allows businesses universal access to shared documents, systems, and applications with the only need being an internet connection. Cloud platforms will enable you to save your work on your Android device and then later access it on a desktop, laptop, phone, or any other smart-enabled device.

It means that you can easily switch between devices as and when you need to and also free space up on your tablet as it is stored remotely. If your business in on the lookout for cloud storage solutions, why not take a look at TechRadar’s article: Best cloud storage of 2019 online: free, paid and business options.

Stock up on the apps you need

Technology has come a long way, and Android tablets are compatible with pretty much every piece of software that would be available on your standard desktop. Whether you need to work on a word document, use spreadsheets or apps specifically for your line of work, these can be found via download. For example, if you are wondering whether you can use Microsoft Office on your device, search on the app store and tap to download a version that will adapt quickly to your device. In fact, for SMEs, there’s a vast number of apps available, from problem solvers, and communicators to financial whizzes. Take a look at the  25 best apps for small businesses in 2019.


Microsoft PowerPoint is now readily available on the majority of devices. Tablet technology is becoming increasingly capable of creating simple but effective presentations on the go or making changes to an already existing one. Their compact and durable design makes them the perfect portable partner for access in meetings right up to the stages. Most tablets now being compatible with projectors, with the use of an adapter, nothing is stopping you from delivering the most potent presentations powered by tablet technology.

Choose durability

By their very nature, tablets are often subject to being tossed into bags, moved around a lot, and in some industries, such as construction or logistics, they run the risk of being knocked or dropped. Protect your valuable work tools by choosing Ingress Protection, otherwise known as IP rated. This allows your technology to continue working as hard as your workforce regardless of the working conditions. Accidental damage cover is another thing to consider getting if you think you run the risk of needing repairs done during the lifetime of your tablet.

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Here at Conker, we have a range of hardwearing android tablets ideal for use in a variety of sectors. We take great pride in our consultative approach and are dedicated to helping our customers find the right devices to make their business run smoothly. Offering hard-wearing and easy-to-use options we are sure to find the right fit for you no matter what industry. Get in touch today to find out more about the Android tablets we have available.

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Best from their Android Tablet