Mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – have opened up a world of possibilities for tech users all over the world. We now have access to information, entertainment and communication capabilities virtually anywhere. But these devices have a downside: drops, spills, dings and accidents can quickly spell an end for their usability. Enter rugged tablets.

Benefits of Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets are designed for use in ‘harsh’ conditions, such as those regularly encountered by those who work in the field (on rivers and oceans, on mountaintops, on construction sites, or even in actual fields). Rugged options have reinforced frames, watertight seals, super-strong glass and shock-mounted components to prevent damage.

This durability is critical for professionals and their teams. The failure rate for regular workplace tablets is 18 percent per year. This quickly adds up to a serious, and seriously expensive, situation. Rugged tablets cut that to just 4 per cent. And you have to try extremely hard to cause these things to fail.

The cost-savings are clear. But so is the added benefit of convenience. Today’s rugged tablets are made on both Windows and Android operating platforms, which means professionals can easily access files and materials in a format with which they are most comfortable and knowledgeable.

As well, rugged tablets offer a host of useful features, including crystal-clear screens in varying sizes, wireless connectivity, protective cases, magstripe readers, biometric scanners and much more. This empowers people in the field to access a full suite of tools with which to do their jobs just as easily and effectively as if they were sitting in an office.

Not everyone works in an office; not everyone has the space for a bulky PC. This tablets are an ideal solution for those who need a heavy-duty, durable way to access, use and share vital information from anywhere. Thanks for being with us.

Unsure of the real cost of bringing rugged devices into your business?