Belven specialises in the production and sale of quarter-turn shut-off valves.

The company aims to put its name on the world map by geographical expansion. Belven is constantly on the lookout for active partnerships that will help ensure the success of its clients and suppliers through communication and application of innovative technology.

Working With Conker

“We were looking for a scanning device that will be used daily within our warehousing operations”

This is from Joeri Van Dueren IT Manager of Belven.” The company spent time looking for the perfect solution that would meet their needs. “We decided on the Conker SX50, a 5-inch rugged Android. Which has proved the perfect solution.” Van Dueren continues.

The Conker SX50 is the smallest rugged handheld in Conker’s wide range of devices. This is an extra powerful Android 10 device, with a 5-inch IPS LCD, and Zebra SE4710 2D Barcode Scanner. Powerful inside and out, the SX50 is the best-rugged device to be used on a daily basis thanks to its IP67 Rating. Having a 4,000 mAh battery capacity, one charge goes a long way when used in warehousing operations.

According to Joeri, “working with Conker was really positive experience, we are very likely to recommend Conker. The follow-up and support have been fantastic. Someone is always available.” he finishes.


Bespoke solutions from Conker

At Conker we see ourselves as an extension to what you do. Our aim is to build a partnership and really get to understand the challenges you face and how our technology can help you. We offer bespoke solutions, individually tailored to fit a very specific set of conditions – your workplace.

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