Partner with Conker

Conker was built on the principle that business has to be good both for us and the customer. Life is not zero-sum, there is no “we win, you lose”. It must be “win-win”.

We work with a growing community of partners with the same customer-centric ethos in order to reach common goals and offer an augmented value to customers.

Why partner with Conker?

Conker recognises that through collaboration, truly exceptional work can be produced. We have had successes in Referral, Co-promo and Reseller initiatives, and offer tiered Partner Programmes for each.  Join Conker in better serving your customers through collaboration.

Augmented Value

If like Conker, you want to see your customers win, then combining forces could be the answer. The real benefit lies in the capability to offer a more attractive, fit-for-purpose proposition overall, as a result of the partnership. Sharing knowledge, resources and expertise to better serve customers and reach common goals.

Greater Output

For you and your customers. The rewards you could reap from implementing a partner programme into your channel mix are huge. Such collaboration can unlock markets, introduce new channels and enhance your positioning to new and existing customers. The subsequent result means greater output for your customers, and for you.

Easy to Work With

We are proud to be told by our partners that we are “Easy to Work With”. Whether you are considering a Referral, Co-promo or Reseller Partner Programme, Conker has experience and success stories in each. You will be assigned a Partner Consultant who can talk you through our tiered programmes, and offer support whenever you may need it.

Interested in partnering with us?

Just some of our partners